army boztepe cable car line is taken care of
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Boztepe Cable Car Line in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. The “240 operating hours t, which is operated by the company and which provides transportation between Altınordu and Boztepe, is being taken care of. MAINTENANCE BETWEEN 05.08.2019 AND 07.08.2019 DATES To Boztepe, one of the important tourism areas of Ordu [more…]

33 discount on army car parking costs 2
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33 Discounts on Parking Charges in Ordu

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Engin Tekintaş continues to respond to the demands of citizens. President Tekintaş, according to the demands of the citizens of the water prices, then the price of the discount will go to the 33 reduction in parking fees, he said. Instead of parking long vehicles [more…]

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Rise of Cable Car in Ordu

Rise of the Cable Car in Ordu: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality handed over the ropeway operation to ORBEL. Why 'money-printing' businesses do not stay in the municipal administration, this is a separate discussion. The main issue is 6 TL which is the cost of departure and arrival to 10 TL. In summer [more…]

boztepe ropeway tourism locomotive

Army Cable Car Clocks Reorganized

The ropeway times were rearranged in the army: The ropeway times of the Ropeway station, which was served by ORBEL of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, were reorganized. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in a written statement, between the center and Boztepe 2 thousand 300 meter distance [more…]