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Russian Railways (RJD) pass Turkish colleagues (Video)

Russian Railways (RJD) cross their Turkish counterparts: Güven Sak, one of the popular columnists of the ın Radikal ları newspaper, recently attracted his readers' attention to how the es Russian Railways ”(RJD) passed their Turkish counterparts in the logistics race. Sak said, “When we were dealing with romantic affairs in the Middle East, [more…]

98 Iran

800 will cost $ 1 million to connect with Iran

Iran and Turkmenistan will deliver turkey 'Anhydrous Kars-Nakhchivan-Dilucu and' railway project will cost about 800 million dollars. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, çalış Project work, cost studies will be made. The process will work after that. Süreç TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATION AND [more…]


They will pay the Middle East with iron nets

Due to the increase in transportation sector projects in the Middle East and North Africa countries, it will be reported that over the next three years, more than 250 billion dollars will be transferred to different railway projects. The land area of ​​15 X km per square kilometer is 34 thousand km [more…]


A historic day for TULOMSAS T

The first locomotive produced in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ-General Electric (GE) was realized with the participation of representatives from all over the world at the InnoTrans-International Railway Fair in Berlin, Germany between 18-21 and September 2012. TCDD General Manager Mr. [more…]

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Intercity Railways

What is Railway Transportation?

What is railway transportation; Compared to other transportation services, it offers more economical and safer facilities in national or international area. Providing transportation services with open or closed wagons according to the type of goods; Especially the Middle East and [more…]