ced process for the extension of akcarayin separate region completed
41 Kocaeli

EIA Process for Extending Akçaray to 3 Separate Region Completed

The EIA process was completed to extend the tram in Izmit city center to the 3 separate region. It was decided that “EIA is not required ilgili. New lines to be built with an estimated value of 393 million TL Kuruçeşme, city hospital and Kocaeli [more…]

gebze fatih cayirova station connection roads to the end
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Gebze Fatih - Çayırova Station

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work to ease the transportation of citizens. In this context 2019 was opened in March in Gebze - Halkalı D-100 side roads and other points of citizens of Gebze Fatih and Çayırova train stations on the suburban line are comfortable [more…]

kandira roads ready for summer season
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Kandıra Roads Ready for Summer Season

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality makes the transportation network throughout the city more efficient with new projects and does not neglect the maintenance and repair of roads. In this context, especially in the summer period, vacationers showed great interest Kandıra'nın Kefken, Karpathos and Kumcağız [more…]