35 Izmir

Dazzling Figures in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which expropriated land and building wherever needed for new projects and investments, bought 2 billion 114 million TL real estate during the presidency of Aziz Kocaoğlu. Indicating that the land constraint in the city is a big problem [more…]

518 2
35 Izmir

Metro Train Story of No: 518

İzmir Metro A.Ş, one of the companies of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, signed a new success story. The company's 19-yearly experienced team has created a new vehicle for the system by creating a subway vehicle that is not available after a devoted work. [more…]

scrap vehicle parts
35 Izmir

Art of Scrap Vehicle Parts Coming Out

The machinery technicians of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continue to transform the pieces of motorcycle, bus, truck and crane that are separated into art works. The last piece that came out of the hands of the master was the “rock guitarist who plays guitar“. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Machine Supply Maintenance and [more…]

new bus terminal
35 Izmir

New Bus Terminal to Çeşme

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, completed the project work for the municipality service building and bus terminal that it initiated for Çeşme. The buildings sharing the same courtyard will be filled with their designs. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of Turkey's world-famous tourist destination in the fountain, architecture and [more…]

bisim 5 reached the 1 million 622 thousand users at the age of
35 Izmir

BISIM 5. 1 Million 622 Thousand Users

The bicycle rental system e BISIM ediy, which was commissioned by 18 January 2014 of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was established by 5. 1 million 622 years old reached the user. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken important steps in the goal of 'bicycle city “, has received great attention in a short time. [more…]