Uzungöl Ropeway Project Begins

Businessmen Şükrü Fettahoğlu, who set out to bring the first ropeway project to Uzungöl, which is the most popular tourism center of Trabzon and the region and signed a contract with Teleferik Holding last year, stated that they started preparations for the construction. 20 construction site in April [more…]

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The first dig for the Uzungöl cable car project will be hit on May

The first digging for the Uzungöl ropeway project will be shot in May: the ropeway works are planned to be built in Uzungöl, the tourism paradise of Trabzon. The first dig in Uzungol will be shot in May. Steps were taken in the cable car which was planned to be built in Uzungöl, one of the favorite regions of Arab tourism in Trabzon. Uzungöl'de [more…]

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Cable Car Construction Starts in Uzungol

Uzungöl'de Ropeway Construction Begins: Trabzon and Turkey, which is one of the most popular tourist centers in turizmci Uzungöl'de businessman came to the building as the cable car project to be carried out by Sukru Fettahoğlu. Fettahoglu said the construction will begin in April. Trabzon and [more…]

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Uzungöl cable car project obstacle on the obstacle

Uzungol ropeway project obstacle on the obstacle: Tourism development aiming to Trabzon, tourism, no concrete steps to take, while the story of the snake, which has been made for two years returned to the Uzungöl ropeway is still troublesome. In the project, where new procedures were constantly removed, [more…]

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20 million-dollar Uzungöl and Sumela ropeway project will start construction at the end of August

The construction of the 20 million-dollar Uzungöl and Sumela ropeway project will begin at the end of August. Recep Kizilcik, one of the important investments in the city will win the Dubaili businessman Necdet Kerem, in recent days, almost made a waterway Trabzon. [more…]

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Ropeway to Tourism

Tuğba Yardımcı Egypt - Within the scope of the tourism destinations carried out in Trabzon, Sümela Monastery and the cable car to Uzungöl will be extended to extend the duration of the tourists. He is the chairman of the board of directors of the United Arab Emirates. Contact Necdet directly [more…]