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06 Ankara

National Brand in Steel Rails

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun's article titled Milli National Brand in Steel Rails Ra was published in the July issue of Raillife magazine. TCDD GENERAL MANAGER UYGUN'S LETTER Projects initiated to make rail transportation the priority transportation choice of our people [more…]

tcdd tubitak ar ge calistayi edited
41 Kocaeli

TCDD-TÜBİTAK R & D Workshop Held

Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of TCDD, stated that they are rapidly moving towards becoming a global player with the great changes and transformations they have realized, not only as a spectator in the global race that started in the railway sector in the world. In cooperation with TCDD and TUBITAK, two national organizations of our country, [more…]

tcdd delegation in italy
39 Italy

TCDD Delegation in Italy

TCDD delegation headed by TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun 12 On June 2019, a delegation to the Italian Railways was held to discuss current and potential bilateral cooperation issues, to conduct technical visits and to exchange ideas for the international railway sector. [more…]

ankarada historic signature
06 Ankara

Historical Signature in Ankara

An article titled un Historical Signature in Ankara Müdür was published in the June issue of Raillife, the General Manager of TCDD. THE WRITING OF TCDD GENERAL MANAGER UYGUN The heart of our country Ankara once again witnessed a historic day. Turkey, Russia and [more…]

tcdd will generate its own electricity
35 Izmir

TCDD to produce its own electricity

The opening of the 'Solar Power Plant tarafından established by TCDD in the field of its own ownership was carried out by TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun today. Stating that the installation of the Solar Power Plant was completed in an area of ​​approximately 16.000 m² belonging to TCDD; [more…]

tcddye fresh blood
06 Ankara

Fresh Blood to TCDD

He resigned from his duties at TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager Veysi Kurt TCDD Transportation Inc. Deputy General Manager Erol Arıkan who served in all levels of the Railway Sector Appointed as General Manager of TCDD 1978 [more…]