The spirit of August victory in Bursa
16 Bursa

30 August Spirit in Bursaray!

30 is the 97 of August Victory Day. Organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality due to the anniversary of the show moved the passengers of Bursaray. In the video shared on social media, players in Bursaray revived the spirit and consciousness of 30 August victory for the passengers. Approaching Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

nighttime shifts
16 Bursa

Night Shift in BursaRay

Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to transportation activities with a 'modern and easily accessible city target' in Bursa, continues its work day and night on rail system lines. In order to ensure that citizens can travel in the city comfortably and safely, [more…]

Bursarayda Campaigns Started Again
16 Bursa

Campaigns Restarted in Bursaray

In Bursa, due to a breakdown caused by a lightning strike, the train was restarted between Kültürpark-Nilüfer stations and Kültürpark-Karaman masters, which were temporarily closed. Power failure and lightning as a result of lightning strikes at Bursaray, the main backbone of public transport in Bursa, at noon [more…]