86 China

Turkey will unite with China Railways

Turkey will unite with China Railways: 3 Silk Road 'corridor' over China who want to revive, including the Central Corridor to Turkey will invest 8 trillion dollars. The giant step was taken by the 2 to open the way for the Silk Road in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. 40 billion [more…]

32 Belgium

Train stops in Belgium

Train stops in Belgium stopped: a general strike by rail workers in Belgium, the country's European train connection was disconnected. Railroad workers protesting salary cuts made by the government within the scope of savings measures, the 24 launched an hourly strike. The decision taken by the railways [more…]


What is the Fast Train

A high-speed train is a railway vehicle that allows you to travel faster than normal trains. The 200 km / h on the tracks fitted with the old system is called trains that can travel at the 250 km / h with the new system. Turkey in Ankara-Eskisehir line [more…]


Model Trencilig Oskar Turkey's

2012-2 4 annually in the international model of trooting competition from different countries participating in the different fictions of different countries with the biggest difference in the history of the Selcuk-efes-meryemana themed model train kugusu was the first. Architect Abdurrahman Usta [more…]