01 Adana

President Oral Women's Gesture

Turkey's top ten female drivers who employ Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Huseyin Oral, Bus Operations in the pre-maiden voyage of the female driver by visiting them celebrated the Women's Day, riding the Metro from Anatolia station cruising until the raiders stop [more…]


Free Access to Women in 8 March in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality will provide free transportation services to women on the occasion of the 8 March International Women's Day. Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, 8 March International Women's Day, therefore, women's public transportation vehicles to the city center and free transportation to the districts [more…]


8 Free Transport in March Free | Gaziantep

8 March Transportation Free for Women: At the meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, it was decided that the entrance to the municipal buses, trams, museums and the zoo will be free of charge to women on 8 March International Women's Day. Greater City Council of February 2. in combination [more…]


Women in all aspects of life

Women's life in every area: in Turkey, "a man's job," called the continued success of many business women working in all areas of life in recent years in Gaziantep city bus chauffeur and tram makes vatmanlık firefighters working women are enjoying the stone to almost men [more…]