airport was moved to the fate of the workers what happened in the east and is expected to explain
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Airport Moved, What happened to the fate of the workers? TAV and IGA Expected

TAV, which operates the Ataturk Airport, announced that the 3 worker was dismissed due to the move to 4500. On the other hand, the company's chief executive officer, 3.Individual operator, made an agreement with IGA. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bağcılar'dan President Gospel of the Metro Gospel

The Mayor of Bağcılar Municipality, Lokman Çağırıcı, met with the residents of the People's Assembly meeting in 15 Temmuz Neighborhood and gave delightful news about the ongoing metro works. He added that more than one metro station will be opened in each neighborhood, and that ağ 3. [more…]


3. Airport Terminal Flooded

There are still important shortcomings in the third airport in Istanbul, which will be opened two weeks later. A video published by the Construction-Business Union revealed that the roof of the airport terminal leaked water from many points during the rains. Workers' bad working conditions are raised [more…]


3. Management at the Airport

According to the latest information from soL 3. controversy continues at the airport site and at the management level because no one can accept the realistic opening date to Erdoğan. In other words, under the conditions that rebelled workers in September, the company's approach that ignored the conditions of the workers [more…]

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3. What is the cost of the airport

IGA Airport Operations CEO CEO Kadri Samsunlu, 29 Istanbul 3 to be opened in October. important explanations about the airport. '3. INCREASING THE INITIATIVE DEPARTMENT OF THE INVENTORY IN THE INCLUSIVE 2.5 BILLION EURO WILL EXPERIENCE '7.5 billion euros so far spent [more…]


3. Ministry and Court of Accounts for Airport Metro

Istanbul New Airport, which will provide public transport to the Gayrettepe Metro in the unforeseeable natural disaster situations in the case of the exception applied in the tender method is preferred to prevent competition in the report of the Court of Accounts and the 'unpredictable by the need for public transport to the airport' was criticized. Metro [more…]


Sabiha Gokcen-3. Airport Break Will Be 45 Minutes

3 continues the construction of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. A train that departs from Sabiha Gökçen Airport with the scissor system to be established in the metro line to be built within the scope of the Big Istanbul Tunnel project will be uninterruptedly 3. Access to the airport. Transportation and [more…]