The first female employees of ispark made work
34 Istanbul

İSPARK's First Women Workers at Work

The problem that İ There are no women employees in İSPARK ği, which was frequently brought up by IMMoğlu, was finally resolved with the new management. The first female employees of İSPARK, Derya Atacan and Zülfiya Işan did their job. Atacan, İSPARK Marketing and Corporate Relations [more…]

derelict buildings in esenler bus station were destroyed
34 Istanbul

Derelict Buildings in Esenler Bus Station

The demolition of the areas used in the lower floors of Esenler Bus Station, which was taken over by IMM, was completed. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 9 took over in September 15 July Democracy Bus Station (Esenler) is cleaning the neglected, troubled areas. The purpose of the lower floors of the bus station [more…]

bayrampasa bus station parking is as clean as ever
34 Istanbul

Bayrampaşa Bus Station Parking Lot

In accordance with the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in the last session before the holiday, the works in the parking lot of Bayrampaşa Bus Station, which was transferred to İSPARK, came to an end. Old cabins have been removed and new ones have been replaced. The sub-car parks of the bus station, which were not passed from filth, were cleaned by İSTAÇ teams. Security in the region [more…]

esenler bus station parking lot in spain
34 Istanbul

Esenler Bus Terminal Parking Barriers

There were no obstacles in the transfer of Esenler Bus Station Parking Lot to İSPARK. 15 July The decision to durdurma stop the execution ilgili of the transfer of the parking lot of Martyrs' Bus Station to İSPARK was abolished following the defense of İBB lawyers to the court. Carpark where İSPARK will start after evacuation, 1 hour free [more…]

34 Istanbul

Smart Bicycle from İSPARK to Küçüksu

ISPARK, which has spread ISBIKE “smart bicycle project üzerinde on the bicycle routes built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality throughout the city, introduced smart bicycles to the use of citizens in Küçüksu Recreation Area. Beykoz smart bikes that İSPARK has implemented throughout Istanbul and are highly appreciated [more…]