another international award to the smart recycling container
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Another International Award for IMM's Smart Recycling Container

The “Smart Recycling Container di, which was implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Zero Waste vision, received another award. Public Transport International, the largest event in the world of public transport in the area of ​​Summit and Fair "Turkey UITP Regional Awards" [more…]

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Istanbul Traffic will Relieve ATAK

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has developed intelligent transportation systems to ease traffic in Istanbul and has reduced the traffic density by at least% 15 with the Adaptive Traffic Management System (ATAK). Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, without slowing down investments in intelligent urbanization [more…]

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Information 500 İşbakan First Prize in Turkey

Information 500 İşbakan First Prize in Turkey: Information and communication technology, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, offering innovative solutions in the field of ISBAK, Turkey's IT industry in the first 500 company at the ceremony, which describes the IT Installation and Support Services category xnumx.'lik award [more…]

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ASELSAN goes down the tracks

ASELSAN rail coming down to: a fact that is located in the world's forefront of Turkey's rail system investments. Eurasia Rail, which started today, makes a speech at the opening of the International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition. Transportation, Shipping and Communication [more…]

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ISBAK hosts Europe's ITS giants in Istanbul

ISBAK Inc., an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted the leading companies of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector in Istanbul. The project coordinators of the 8 company from the 21 country in the 'Instant Mobility Project Workshop' held at Taksim Metro Center [more…]