Ultra Technology

Ultra Technology
Ultra Technology

Ultra Technology Inc. 30 is a long-established project, design, engineering and contracting organization with over a decade of solution-oriented system integration experience.

The company's foundations date back to the second half of the 1970.

For many years, the production, installation and integration of electronic based solutions for Road Traffic Control and Management Systems has been realized with a wide range of great achievements.

In the early years of 1990, it started to make extensive investments in Intelligent Transport Systems. In a ten-year period, both the R & D activities and the large-scale ITS design and contracting works were marked by the sector.

In the 2000 years, he had a thorough and thorough knowledge of Tunnel Security and Electromechanical Systems Integration for highway tunnels.

As a serious and reliable brand specialized in our country and in the international community with many successful project applications, Ultra has placed its name in the memory.

All the players in the sector and official institutions and organizations as employers, as well as private and legal persons, academic circles and goods / service suppliers, Ultra, respects the brand value it deserves.

ULTRA TECHNOLOGY, which aims to provide services in the field of Rail Systems, has been carrying the project and application experience including different engineering solutions about Rail Systems to its present day with its specialized human resources and special machinery park. ULTRA TECHNOLOGY is the most important multifunctional company of Turkey in the field of Rail Concrete Travers, Scissor Traverses, Rail Systems that can do maintenance, repair and reinforcement works of the existing Rail Systems and can perform high speed engineering solutions.

Ultra Technology
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