fast train lines around the world

Fast Train Lines in the World

High Speed ​​Train Lines in the World: High speed train lines, information and maps of the countries that use high speed train transportation are available. In this news, you can reach the information of the following line segments. Please contribute with our missing, incorrect information [more…]

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Istanbul Metrobus Stations and Map

Istanbul Metrobus Stations and Map: You can see all of the Metrobus stops on the same map, you can find out which metrobus station is the closest to your destination and the distance from your destination to the metrobus stop and share the location information with your friends. [more…]

marmaray map
34 Istanbul

Map of Marmaray

Marmaray Map: Marmaray Project, which is one of the most important projects in the world, has a high capacity in order to maintain the urban life of Istanbul in a healthy way, to offer a modern [more…]

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First Turkish Steam Locomotive KARAKURT

The first Turkish steam locomotive KARAKURT: 4 April 1957, Mr. Adnan MENDERES, who was present at the opening ceremony of the Cement Factory in Eskişehir (Çukurhisar) in April 5, honored the State Railways Draw Frame Workshop in April and especially apprentices with all the outbuildings of the factories. [more…]

bursaray metro
16 Bursa

Bursaray Subway

Bursaray Metro: BursaRay route joins at Mudanya Road Labor Station and West at Acemler Station. Then, following Ankara Road, from Kent Square to Şehreküstü Square and following Haşim İşcan Street, through viaduct [more…]

map of paris subway

Map of Paris Metro

The Paris Metro carries an average of 4,5 million passengers per day, and the 62 operates with 297 stations, which provide connections to other lines. Paris Metro, which has become one of the symbols of Paris, is primarily influenced by the stations in the city center and Art Nouveau. [more…]