Why was RayHaber established?

Turkey in the year 2023, the introduction of high-speed train into the city 29, 25 thousand kilometers to reach the total length of the line and it is planned to invest in both new train lines and 250 billion dollars. In 2035 this figure will reach 31 thousand kilometers. In addition, the use of railways with international connections and logistics centers will increase significantly.

In addition to the big cities and other developing cities and districts planned to include metro, light rail, tram, monorail and rope transportation project and maintenance of existing investments, the investment amount is expected to reach 500 billion dollars!

To guide the understanding of journalism in such a fast-growing sector ÖzenRay Media as, RAYHABERNEWSWe have established. We have included RaillyNews, TeleferikHaber and HighwayHaber on our website to RayHaber, which is managed by ÖzenRay Railway Ltd Şti.

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You can find news on current rail systems, ropeway and road transport systems I www.rayhaber.co2011, the test publication, 01.01.2012'de began the official publication. You can follow all the rail system news in national and international platforms. We are at your service with special news, maps, videos and articles enriched with columns. You can find news classified by provinces and sub-sectors on our website! Our 60 annual news website, which is close to 25 bin, is much richer than other news sources. There are also many people, organizations and websites that subscribe to our website through 3 bin RSS tracking.

If you want to promote your company more effectively, please contact us and we will consider the appropriate advertising options.

Our Different Sides

  • 65 bin news
  • iCalendar aided tender / event calendar
  • Current auction results
  • Average 22 current news per day
  • Category by sector and location
  • 25 annual news archive
  • Time 11: Publication of new tenders up to 00 and railway tender bulletin
  • Today in History
  • Corner writers
  • Neutral journalism
  • Innovative and technological approach

Language options

Our News 16 is translated into different languages ​​and is read by people and agencies who follow the news in their native language.

  1. Turkish: RayHaber
  2. Arabic: Arabic
  3. Bulgarian: Български
  4. Chinese: 简体 中文
  5. English: English& raillynews
  6. Estonian: Eesti
  7. French: Français
  8. German: Deutsch & rayhab Air +
  9. Greek: Ελληνικά
  10. Hindi: हिन्दी
  11. Italian: Italian
  12. Japanese: 日本語
  13. Dialect: Polski
  14. Romanian: Română
  15. Russian: Russian
  16. Spanish: Spanish

Social media

Supported by spammings in social networks RAYHAB isWith your increasing visibility, increasing your chances of being recognized to your target audience.

Facebook: Rayhaber Page 12K RayHaber Group 5K
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The number of visitors

Daily 60.000 unique visitors
3.000 email subscriber

Visitor Profile

Turkey 70%
% 20 European Countries
% 10 Other Countries

% 75 Male
% 25 Women

  • The audience is generally railway employees
  • A widespread foreign audience who reads from abroad is following our site regularly.


In the 200.000 overall ranking of the world's first site, located in Turkey, the first 3.000 is rayhab site continues to rise. Our goal is to be the first 100.000 in the world and in the first 1.000 site in Tütkiye.

Alexa rayhaber

(Alexa RayHaber)

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PR and Press Release

You can send your press bulletins to iletisim@rayhaber.com and editor@rayhaber.com.

For all the advertising customers 100 release the release of free news release of 1 news per month.


T: + 90 232 700 0 729
@: iletisim@rayhaber.com
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