What Triggers Vaginismus? What are the symptoms of vaginismus?


📩 20/11/2023 17:01

Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction in women characterized by pain in the genital area and contraction during sexual intercourse. This condition often prevents sexual intercourse or vaginal penetration due to involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles.

The most common factors that trigger vaginismus are past sexual traumas or bad experiences. Sexual abuse, rape or painful sexual intercourse can contribute to the occurrence of Vaginismus. Such experiences can negatively impact an individual's body and emotional responses to sexuality. Vaginismus can often be caused by psychological, emotional or physical factors. In this case medically Vaginismus treatment It should be taken.


Factors Triggering Vaginismus

Family or social pressure, negative beliefs about sexuality or religious factors may also trigger vaginismus. Society's taboos or moral norms regarding sexuality can affect the way an individual deals with sexuality and cause the development of Vaginismus. Stress and anxiety are also among the factors that can trigger Vaginismus. Especially the expectation of sexual intercourse or vaginal intervention can cause anxiety and fear in the person and lead to Vaginismus. Performance anxiety can exacerbate vaginismus and make it more difficult to have sexual intercourse. Vaginismus treatment Ankara It can be done medically in your region.


Highlights of Vaginismus Problem

Anatomical factors can also affect Vaginismus. A congenital structural problem of the vagina or physical health problems such as infections can contribute to the occurrence of Vaginismus by causing pain. Treatment may vary depending on the underlying causes of Vaginismus. Psychotherapy, especially sexual therapy, can be an effective approach to understanding the psychological roots of vaginismus and helping the individual with this issue. Additionally, couples therapy may focus on strengthening communication with the partner and dealing with sexual problems. Depending on physical factors, methods such as pelvic floor physiotherapy and vaginal deflators may be used. These treatments can help deal with the physical components of Vaginismus.

Ways to Cope with Vaginismus

Vaginismus is often a complex and multifactorial condition. Treatment must be adapted depending on individual needs and situation. Seeking professional help and working with a specialized healthcare professional can be an important step in dealing with Vaginismus.. Online Vaginismus treatment This problem is solved by taking .