10 in 1 Babies Born in Turkey is Premature!

10 in 1 Babies Born in Turkey is Premature!
10 in 1 Babies Born in Turkey is Premature!

Istanbul Okan University Hospital, neonatal intensive care unit manager Prof. Dr. Şenol Bozdağ explained the meaning and importance of "World Prematurity Day" and gave information about the processes of premature babies.

“10 in every 1 babies is premature!”

Stating that all babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy are considered premature, Istanbul Okan University Hospital neonatal intensive care unit manager Prof. Dr. Şenol Bozdağ said, “One in every 10 babies born alive is a premature baby. It is known that 13 million babies are born prematurely every year in the world and one million of them die before their first birthday due to problems caused by prematurity.” he said.

"If the baby weighs over a thousand grams, the survival rate is high!"

Prof. said that there were 35 million 795 thousand 12 babies born in Turkey last year and 88,5 percent of these babies were born prematurely. Dr. Şenol Bozdağ said, “32 percent of these babies were born at 36-11,5 weeks, and 32 percent were born at less than 90 weeks. These babies born prematurely need special care. "In Turkey, 750 percent of babies born weighing over 50 grams can survive, while XNUMX percent of babies weighing between XNUMX and XNUMX grams can survive." said.

"There is a high risk of prematurity in those who become mothers at a young age."

Prof. Dr. Şenol Bozdağ stated that reasons such as being pregnant at a young age, frequent and multiple births, inadequate nutrition and inadequate pregnancy care, and multiple pregnancies also increase the risk of premature baby birth.

Prof. noted that these babies may encounter some difficulties in the long term after discharge. Dr. Şenol Bozdağ continued as follows:

“They may also encounter problems such as vision, hearing, chronic lung disease, perception, movement disorders, attention deficit, and learning disabilities. The aim of physicians and healthcare professionals in centers specialized in premature babies is to ensure that all premature babies can survive and to be integrated into society as physically and spiritually healthy individuals in their future lives, with minimal harm. For this reason, health and developmental monitoring, diagnosis and treatment should be carried out by a team that knows the baby-centered and family cooperation approach and takes into account the physiopathological and psychosocial risks of prematurity.”