Thrace Region Gastronomy Research and Application Kitchen Opened

Thrace Region Gastronomy Research and Application Kitchen Opened
Thrace Region Gastronomy Research and Application Kitchen Opened

📩 19/11/2023 12:37

Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır made cookies with the students of Kırklareli University, Faculty of Tourism, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the Thrace Region Gastronomy Research and Application Kitchen held in the rectorate building of the university, Kacır said that the project supported by the Ministry was implemented within the scope of the Thrace Development Agency (TRAKYAKA) Social Development Support Program.


Stating that the kitchen was established with the aim of growing the gastronomy passion of young people and training the chefs of the future, Kacır said, “Kitchen is an essential element of cultural heritage. Turkish culinary culture, which is the product of a unique geography, is a cuisine that has diversified under the influence of various civilizations throughout history.” Said.

Stating that Turkish cuisine, which blends different cultures, is a unique flavor mosaic with its history, originality, cultural richness and the products it contains, Kacır said:

“For this reason, the recognition of Turkish cuisine is increasing worldwide and it is finding an important place in the world of gastronomy. Our food culture reaches wider audiences by being promoted on international platforms and reflects the cultural richness of our country. Gastronomy and culinary arts are intertwined with the food and beverage industry and take a serious share of our country's economy. It also contributes to tourism and the country's economy. The food and beverage sector accounts for 2022 percent of the 46,5 billion dollars of tourism revenue we will achieve in 16,2. “Approximately 35 million of the 2 million employees in our country work in this field.”

Kacır stated that more than 4 students choose the gastronomy and culinary arts departments every year, and noted that professionalism in this field increases every year.

Kacır emphasized that Turkey is a land of gastronomy in itself with its fertile lands.


Kacır stated that Kırklareli cuisine has an important place in the gastronomic map of Turkish cuisine with its unique tastes, local ingredients and flavors.

Stating that the Thrace Region Gastronomy Research and Application Cuisine will help discover, preserve and promote the unique flavors of Kırklareli, Kacır continued as follows:

“With this project, we will further strengthen the position of Turkish cuisine worldwide by highlighting the delicious flavors and local food culture of Thrace. We will meet the qualified employment needs in Kırklareli's food and beverage sector. In the building of approximately 500 square meters allocated for the facility by Kırklareli University Rectorate, the necessary equipment for the kitchen was provided and a practice kitchen was established. It will meet the practical training needs of students studying in the field of cuisine, gastronomy and culinary arts. "It will provide professional qualifications that will help women and young workforce find jobs in the field of gastronomy."

Explaining that the project will facilitate the participation of citizens in disadvantaged groups in employment, Kacır stated that students will find the opportunity to work part-time and increase the product diversity and service quality of businesses in the region.

Stating that projects are being carried out all over the country by development agencies under the coordination of the Ministry to ensure the sustainability of the food sector, Kacır noted that economic and social development in this field will continue to accelerate.

At the ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent Şengörur and TRAKYAKA General Secretary Mahmut Şahin also made speeches.

Kacır and his entourage examined the kitchen they opened and received information from academics and students. Kacır, wearing a chef's apron in the kitchen, went to the counter and talked to the students. cevizli and made chocolate chip cookies, then offered the cookies to the guests. Kacır then visited the AK Party Provincial Headquarters and met with party members.