Şahinbey 100th Anniversary Tunnels Will Relieve Gaziantep

Şahinbey Year Tunnels Will Relax Gaziantep
Şahinbey Year Tunnels Will Relax Gaziantep

📩 19/11/2023 11:18

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu attended the Şahinbey 100th Anniversary Tunnels Lighting Ceremony in Gaziantep, where he went to participate in a series of programs. Making a statement at the ceremony, Abdulkadir Uraloğlu said, “With Şahinbey 1th Anniversary Tunnels, the project cost of which is 100 billion lira; "By providing direct flow from north to south, our citizens will save time and fuel and will be relieved of traffic stress," he said.

Stating that they are working meticulously in Turkey's transportation network, Minister Uraloğlu said, “We are not making up words. We produce actions with AK Party municipalities. While there is life above, you will work below. We find in ourselves the energy to serve Gaziantep better.” said.

Regarding Şahinbey 100th Anniversary Tunnels, Uraloğlu said, “With Şahinbey 100th Anniversary Tunnels; "There will be a direct flow from north to south, our citizens will save both time and fuel, the tunnel will save citizens from traffic stress, it will also serve with a tunnel, one vehicle emergency passage tunnel and two pedestrian emergency passage tunnel areas," he said.

Minister Uraloğlu said that with the project, which is one of the important steps taken towards becoming a green city; He stated that carbon emissions will decrease and environmentally friendly roads will be provided to the city. Minister Uraloğlu, who also gave information about the project in his speech, said, “The total road length of two separate tunnels with double lanes and connection roads is 4 kilometers. It will connect Şehreküstü Junction and Yeşilvadi Boulevard and will be an alternative to Özdemirbey Street. For a citizen who wants to go from Yeşilvadi 3-Storey Interchange to Şehreküstü, the travel time will be reduced to 30 minute with our 1-minute tunnel. Again, our citizens who want to go to Akkent from the Bazaar will reach Yeşilvadi Boulevard through the tunnel from Kılınçoğlu, from there to Yeşilvadi Köprülü Junction, and from the Köprülü Junction to the City Hospital, Akkent and Karataş.” said.

Minister Uraloğlu also stated that the tunnel will also serve with 1 Vehicle Emergency Passage Tunnel and 2 Pedestrian Emergency Passage Tunnel areas.