Recommendations for the Care of Premature Babies

Recommendations for the Care of Premature Babies
Recommendations for the Care of Premature Babies

📩 15/11/2023 14:09

Special for 17 November World Prematurity Day, Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatric Health and Diseases, Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist Dr. Mehmet Malçok shared important information about the care of premature babies.

These babies born before 37 weeks and defined as 'premature babies'; Stating that they are at serious risk because they have not completed their development in the womb and try to complete it after birth, Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Child Health and Diseases, Newborn Intensive Care Specialist Dr. Mehmet Malçok, in his statement within the scope of November 17 World Prematurity Day; He explained the 5 rules that should be taken into consideration in premature baby care and made important warnings and suggestions.

Breastfeed abundantly or give breast milk

Breast milk for premature babies; Dr. stated that it has very important benefits, from protection against infections to oral nutrition, from shortening the duration of hospital stay to improving physical, mental and spiritual development. Mehmet Malçok said, “The milk of mothers with premature babies contains all the elements that will meet the needs of their babies. For this reason, in order for the mother to produce enough milk, she must avoid excessive stress and fatigue, and those around her must provide maximum support to the mother in this regard.” said.

Avoid home visits

“Infections that are common in autumn and winter months, rhinovirus, cold, flu and coronavirus can cause serious problems for premature babies.” He emphasized that since the most important way to protect against infectious diseases is to keep the baby away from sick people, it is necessary not to go to home visits, avoid receiving visitors, and even warn people who approach the baby imprudently to kiss and pet it.

Ventilate their rooms

Pointing out the importance of fresh air for premature babies who have not yet completed their lung development, Malçok said, "Since fresh air reduces infection and helps babies sleep more comfortably, the rooms where babies stay should be ventilated at least twice a day." said.

He emphasized that although the view that 'warm weather is good for the baby' prevails in society, the room temperature should be adjusted so that it is not too cold or too hot, and if possible, it should be fixed at 24-25 degrees. Malcok stated that in order to maintain the temperature balance of babies, it is important to avoid dressing them too thickly and to prefer cotton clothes.

Pay attention to hygiene rules

Pointing out that hand hygiene should be taken into consideration for the health of premature babies whose immune systems are not yet strengthened, Malçok said, “The large number of bacteria on our hands poses a risk for babies both during intensive care admission and in the post-discharge period. "Washing hands before breastfeeding and changing the baby's diaper, using hand disinfectant and even using a mask are of great importance in protecting premature babies from winter diseases." said.

Do not neglect the follow-up of your babies

"Do not neglect the follow-ups for your baby's healthy growth and development," said Dr. Mehmet Malçok said, “Premature babies require team monitoring with a neonatologist and a developmental pediatrician. These babies have been in pediatric neurology, genetics, pediatric speech therapist, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric surgeon, neurosurgeon, orthopedist, pediatric cardiology for at least 3 years; "Physiotherapy should be followed periodically by experienced nutritionists and special education specialists in high-risk babies," he said.