National Strike UAV ALPAGU Made Its First Export

National Strike UAV ALPAGU Made Its First Export
National Strike UAV ALPAGU Made Its First Export

ALPAGU, the fixed-wing national strike UAV system developed by STM, achieved its first export success. STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc., which develops national and modern systems in the Turkish defense industry, has achieved another important export success in the field of tactical mini UAVs, of which it is the pioneer in Turkey.

A contract was signed for the first export of the fixed-wing national strike UAV system ALPAGU, which was developed by STM with completely domestic and national resources and is also known to the public as "kamikaze UAV". The first deliveries of ALPAGU, which successfully passed the ammunition test firing and all field tests, were made to the user country. Thus, a new one was added to the national technologies that achieved export success without entering the inventory in Turkey.

Güleryüz: There Are Countries Waiting in Line for ALPAGU

STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz stated that STM is a pioneer in tactical mini production in the world and in Turkey and said, “Our Tactical Mini UAV family, which we created for the first time in Turkey with our national engineering power for the needs of our country and our Army, is achieving new successes every day. Following our rotary wing strike UAV, KARGU, which we exported to more than 10 countries on three different continents, we also made the first export of our fixed wing strike UAV, ALPAGU. We have made the first deliveries of ALPAGU to the user authority and our deliveries to that country will continue in the coming period. There is intense interest in ALPAGU from different continents and countries, as in our strike UAV KARGU and our spotter UAV TOGAN. We are currently in negotiations with many countries for ALPAGU's new exports. "There are countries waiting in line for ALPAGU," he said.

ALPAGU is counting the days to enter the Turkish Armed Forces Inventory

Noting that contract negotiations are continuing for ALPAGU to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, Güleryüz said, “With the completion of the negotiations, we will deliver a large number of ALPAGU to our Army. "While equipping our Army with our national technologies, we will continue to contribute to the export targets of our defense industry through international sales," he said.

Itself is Light, Its Effect is Heavy

ALPAGU, which means "brave man who attacks the enemy alone" in Old Turkish, stands out with its light structure, diving speed, low radar cross-section and speed, and its ability to cause pinpoint damage to important targets. ALPAGU, which can take active part in counter-terrorism operations, cross-border operations and residential conflicts, has a range of 10 kilometers. Consisting of three components: Fixed Wing Strike UAV System, Launcher Launcher and Ground Control Station, ALPAGU can operate effectively day and night with its electro-optical and infrared cameras.

After being launched from the launcher, ALPAGU flies for approximately 15 minutes and successfully tracks the target via image tracking software. ALPAGU, which cannot be detected by the target until the last moment due to its high maneuverability, destroys its target with pinpoint precision with the ammunition on it. ALPAGU, which has an electronic approach fuse, mission abandonment or self-destruct capabilities, has precision strike capability with its image processing-based fire control system.

The system, which can be easily carried by a single soldier and set up and used in the field of duty within 1 minute, provides a significant surprise effect and operational superiority with its artificial intelligence and image processing capabilities, silence and ability to precisely deliver the explosive it carries to the target.

Four ALPAGU Can Attack Simultaneously

In addition to its superior capabilities, ALPAGU distinguishes itself from its competitors with features such as its ability to integrate into different platforms (land, sea and air vehicles). Four ALPAGUs can attack the same target or different targets simultaneously, via a single ground control station.

There are only two platforms in the world similar to ALPAGU, which weigh less than 2 kilograms. ALPAGU, which navigates completely autonomously with the mission computer and flight control system developed by STM engineers, detects and destroys targets completely under operator control with the "Man-in-the-Loop" principle.

ALPAGU Hit with Accuracy in Turkish Armed Forces Exercise

In the Haydar Aliyev Exercise-2023, carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces and the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Kars, 4 ALPAGUs received great acclaim by hitting the designated targets with full accuracy. ALPAGU also hit its target accurately in the ammunition test firings carried out at the Aksaray Firing Range.

The development work of the Smart Loitering Ammunition System ALPAGUT, which is a larger version of Alpagu that can carry more explosives, is faster and has a longer range, continues successfully in cooperation with STM-ROKETSAN.