Foods That Prevent Weight Loss

Foods That Prevent Weight Loss
Foods That Prevent Weight Loss

📩 05/11/2023 10:52

Excess weight and getting rid of it has become one of the biggest problems today. Living a sedentary life or malnutrition is one of the main reasons for this weight gain. So, what are the foods that we frequently consume in daily life, which we consider healthy, but which make it very difficult for you to lose weight? Dietitian Betül Serttaş gave information about the subject.


Fries, which everyone admires for their taste, are the biggest enemy of both health and weight loss. Fried foods such as meat, fish, chicken and potatoes create trans fat when fried. This increases cholesterol and causes your body fat percentage to increase and vascular occlusion. To facilitate weight loss, it is recommended to consume boiled foods instead of fried and fatty foods.


When you consume foods containing white flour, your blood sugar will rise suddenly, causing you to feel hungry faster. This causes you to consume more calories during the day and reduces your feeling of fullness. Those who want to lose weight should stay away from foods such as bread, cakes, pastries and cakes containing white flour. You can support your weight loss process by choosing rye, whole wheat, whole grain, bran or oat flour in your daily diet.


Average daily salt consumption in Turkey is 18 grams! We need only 5 grams. If you consume excessive amounts of salt during the day, you may cause edema in your body. Therefore, you need to limit the amount of salt consumed daily to help the weight loss process. Removing foods such as brine, salami, sausages, sausages and chips, which contain hidden salt, from your life will reduce edema formation and make it easier for you to lose weight.


Excess sugar is stored in our body as fat by the liver. It has been proven by studies that individuals with apple body type, which is above the ideal waist size and known as fat in the belly area, consume too much sugar. Excessive sugar consumption increases insulin secretion and causes regional fat gain. Therefore, you should avoid simple sugar intake in your daily diet and instead benefit from complex carbohydrate sources.


The sugar contained in carbonated drinks increases insulin secretion and causes irregularities in blood sugar. When acidic drinks are consumed a lot during the day, the person begins to experience problems such as fatigue, feeling hungry quickly, wanting to consume more sugary and carbonated drinks, and not being able to control sweet cravings. Since acidic drinks contain high doses of fructose and glucose syrups, they invite metabolic disorders such as heart diseases and diabetes. In this process, we can eliminate acidic drinks from our lives by adopting beverage preferences such as mineral water, ayran, and sugar-free homemade lemonade.