Modern Hospital for Stray Animals in Izmir

Modern Hospital for Stray Animals in Izmir
Modern Hospital for Stray Animals in Izmir

📩 03/11/2023 12:25

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality plans to put Seyrek Animal Hospital into service soon, which will provide stray animals with more modern treatment opportunities. The hospital, where surgical operations for cats and dogs will be performed with advanced devices, will also provide employment opportunities.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to improve the quality of life of stray animals, is establishing an animal hospital in Menemen Seyrek. The hospital, which has intensive care and inpatient units, will be put into service soon. In the hospital, which has a closed area of ​​approximately 600 square meters, surgical operations will be performed by expert veterinarian staff, and cats and dogs will have more modern treatment opportunities.

Better service with expert staff

Umut Polat, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Affairs Branch Manager, stated that an animal hospital will be put into service for the first time in a public institution. Polat said, “Our study supports the studies carried out on stray animals in Izmir. "We will take the activities for our dear friends to the next level with the devices, equipment and expert veterinary staff at the facility," he said.

It will provide employment

Reminding that within the scope of the legislation, local governments have a responsibility to provide service only to stray animals, Polat said: “However, when the animal hospital license is obtained, the hospital will also provide service to owned animals. Thus, we will modernize our facility and increase its capacity. Operative treatments will be performed here by advanced devices and expert personnel. Many services will be offered, from complex surgical operations, orthopedic operations, to thoracic surgery operations.”

The Animal Hospital will also create a new employment area. Animal caretakers will also work in the facility where veterinarians and veterinary health technicians will be recruited.