Izmir Goes Waste-Free During European Waste Reduction Week

Izmir Goes Waste-Free During European Waste Reduction Week
Izmir Goes Waste-Free During European Waste Reduction Week

📩 17/11/2023 12:25

In order to raise awareness about waste prevention, European Waste Reduction Week will be held this year between 18 and 26 November with the theme "Packaging: Buying Packaged Products". Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will also take its place in the European Waste Reduction Week with the sustainable projects it has implemented for waste reduction and reuse of materials.

European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), which is among the awareness activities carried out for the waste problem that is increasing worldwide and brings with it serious threats, is being held for the 15th time this year. In addition to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, private companies, educational institutions and citizens will also participate in the organization, which will be held on the website between 18-26 November 2023 with the theme "Packaging: Buying Packaged Products". Within the scope of European Waste Reduction Week, participants will be encouraged to carry out activities that will raise awareness about waste management. The most successful works carried out this week will be nominated for EWWR awards.

“We must reduce this burden”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that the threat of global climate crisis affects the world negatively and that nature is also polluted with waste. Tunç Soyer, “As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our work within the framework of the action plan we have prepared to become a 'plastic waste-free city' by 2030. We need to leave a livable environment, nature and world to future generations. For this reason, we should be especially careful not to use plastic and disposable materials. Because such waste destroys our world, especially our seas. Everyone has responsibilities for a quality, healthy life. "We must reduce this burden for a world at peace with air, water and climate," he said.

Izmir will present its projects

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Department and Grand Plaza Gıda Turizm A.Ş., one of the municipal companies, will take part in EWWR with projects aimed at reducing packaging waste in the tourism, textile and food sectors. The Metropolitan Municipality will present its ongoing efforts in the field of waste management with its "reduce, reuse and recycle" strategy. Projects aimed at raising awareness about waste management will also take part in European Waste Reduction Week. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which joined the "Plastic Waste-Free Cities Network" by signing a protocol with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2019, will serve cold sandwiches with stretch film at Yasemin Cafe between 24-26 November in order to prevent plastic pollution, especially by limiting the purchase of packaged products. Instead, it will be sold with natural wax fabrics. Fabrics that are highly resistant to washing can also be used later.