Those Stuck in the Cable Car in Erciyes were Rescued

Those Stuck in the Cable Car in Erciyes were Rescued
Those Stuck in the Cable Car in Erciyes were Rescued

📩 16/11/2023 15:18

A rescue drill was held at Erciyes Ski Center before the upcoming season, under the coordination of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Inc. and Gendarmerie teams.

Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. participated in the "Cable Car Rescue Drill" held at Erciyes Ski Center Hisarcık Kapı. Runway Security and Search and Rescue, AFAD, Fire Brigade, UMKE, JAK, Provincial Health Directorate, 112, Anda and Turkuaz Search and Rescue teams participated.

According to the scenario, 6 people who were trapped in the chairlift due to a malfunction in the facilities were safely taken down by the teams and handed over to the medical teams.

The technical malfunction was resolved by the teams in a short time during the exercise, which lasted approximately one hour.

60 personnel took part in the exercise, where inter-institutional cooperation was also ensured.

Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. Track Safety and Regulation Manager Recep Karakaş, in his statement after the exercise, said, “We have carried out the rope rescue exercise, which has become traditional in Erciyes, Turkey's largest and most reliable ski resort. Such exercises are more important for us to improve ourselves against all kinds of negative conditions. "It was a good exercise," he said.

Turkuaz Underwater and River Search and Rescue team officer Deniz Temel said, “Every year Erciyes A.Ş. We are participating in the mechanical facility rescue exercise coordinated by JAK and JAK. It has become traditional. "We carry out our drills both in terms of training and in case of an accident that may occur," he said.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Disaster Coordination Chief Orhan Canpolat said, “We are on duty 7 hours a day, 24 days a week in case of any disaster or catastrophe that may occur. We are on our duty to prevent the slightest danger or negative situation. Erciyes Inc. "We would like to thank our gendarmerie teams and all our institutions and organizations."