About Double Wall Paper Cup and Kraft Bag

About Double Wall Paper Cup and Kraft Bag

📩 01/11/2023 20:27

Double Wall Paper Cups Double wall paper cups have a two-layer, interlocking structure. This design provides extra insulation to maintain the temperature of the drinks and to prevent the outer surface from burning the user's hand. At the same time, these cups are usually made from quality materials for sealing and rigidity.


Thermal Insulation: Thanks to its two-layer structure, it helps keep drinks hot or cold. Eco-Friendly: Most double wall paper cups are made from recyclable materials and are sustainably sourced.

Customizable: Available in different sizes, colors and designs. Brands can customize these cups with their own logos and advertising campaigns. My Packaging Factory Reach the best solution with quality.

Usage of Double Wall Paper Cups

Double wall paper cups are widely used especially in cafes, restaurants, offices and events. They are also preferred at festivals, fairs and other outdoor events.


Portability: Thanks to their easy portability, they are ideal for beverage consumption on the road or on the go.

Design Diversity: They offer many different design and printing options, allowing brands to produce cups that suit their advertising and marketing strategies.

Safety: In hot drinks, the outer surface does not burn, protecting the user's hand. Double wall paper cup It is the right choice.

Kraft Bags

Kraft bags are made from durable kraft paper and are often used for shopping, carrying souvenirs, and many other purposes. It has a natural appearance and is an environmentally friendly option.


Durability: Kraft bags are very durable as they are made of high-strength kraft paper.

Environmentally Friendly: Made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Customizable: Available in different sizes and shapes. Brands can customize these bags to fit their brand message.

Aesthetics: It has an aesthetic and simple appearance with its natural brown color. But it can also be produced in white or other colors.

Kraft Bag Usage

Kraft bag prices It may vary and is used in retail stores, bookstores, souvenir shops, pharmacies and many other places.


Versatility: Since it can be produced in different sizes, it is suitable for many products, from small souvenirs to large garments.

Branding: Logo, slogan or other brand information can be easily printed on kraft bags.

Durability: Thanks to the durability of kraft paper, they are also suitable for carrying heavy products.

Double wall paper cups and kraft bags are popular choices for both functionality and sustainability. Whether you own a cafe or a store, these products provide customers with a quality and environmentally friendly experience.