'Junioshow' Excitement Has Started in the Baby-Kid Wear Industry

'Junioshow' Excitement Has Started in the Baby Kids Wear Industry
'Junioshow' Excitement Has Started in the Baby Kids Wear Industry

📩 14/11/2023 15:28

Junioshow Fair, the gateway of the baby and children's wear industry to the world, opened its doors in Bursa. At the fair, which will host its visitors for 3 days, more than 50 buyers from 1.000 countries met with business professionals from Bursa.

Junioshow Bursa International Baby, Kids Ready-to-Wear & Children's Needs Fair, organized by KFA Fuarcılık under the leadership of BTSO with the support of BEKSİAD, UTİB and UHKİB, opened its doors for the 19th time. At the fair, which was visited by approximately more than 50 foreign buyers from 1.000 countries at Bursa International Fair Center, companies introduced their new trends in baby and children's clothing for 2024 - 2025. Within the scope of the fair, Deputy Governor Hamdi Bolat, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, BTSO Deputy Chairman İsmail Kuş and BEKSİAD President Ömer Yıldız visited the companies that opened stands.

“Our Priority is to Open Our Companies to the World”

BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, İsmail Kuş, stated that the 19th fair continues to add strength to the sector with a new concept, understanding and history and said, “Our world is going through a difficult period. Economic crises and geopolitical events affect everyone. We hope that these will end as soon as possible in the coming period. As BTSO, we are working to open our companies to the world. Fair and purchasing delegations are of great importance in this respect. These programs will continue in different sectors. Our Junioshow Fair for the baby and children's wear industry makes a significant contribution to the industry. We host over 50 visitors from 1.000 countries. “I hope our fair will be beneficial to our city and our country.” said.

“Participation in the Fair is Very Good”

Deputy Governor Hamdi Bolat stated that they witnessed a beautiful fair in Bursa, which is a leading city in industry, agriculture and education, and said, “Our city has a significant production capacity in baby clothing, which is one of the important areas of textile. The sector has important brands around the world. Participation in the fair is quite good. The fact that the number of foreign buyers is quite high increases the importance of the fair. I hope the fair will further pave the way for the industry and our companies will be rewarded for their efforts.” said.

“Each Fair Means a New Hope and Excitement”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that an important organization that will add value to Bursa was held under the leadership of BTSO in cooperation with BEKSİAD and said, “Each fair carries a new meaning of hope and excitement. Bursa is a city identified with textile. We have significant experience in textile. We have become a city that sells textiles to the whole world. I believe that this fair will add value to our industry and our city. Our companies are very well prepared for the organization. I hope the fair will be beneficial and fruitful.”

“Bursa is a Successful City in Fair Organization”

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar stated that Bursa is an industry, trade and production city and said, “Our business people go all over the world and sell their products. At the same time, important buyers also visit our companies in Bursa. Bursa is a successful city in this regard. It is a great success that over 1.000 buyers came to the Junioshow Fair. "I hope the fair where producers and buyers meet will be fruitful," he said.

Bursa, the Center of Baby and Children's Apparel Production

BEKSİAD President Ömer Yıldız stated that the fair, organized under the leadership of BTSO and in cooperation with BEKSİAD, with the experience of KFA Fuarcılık, made a significant contribution to the goals of the sector and said, “70 of our companies opened stands at the fair. We brought together buyers from different geographies of the world with our companies. The new date of our fair will also increase participation considerably. Bursa is a city that is the center of production in baby and children's clothing. "Despite the many negativities experienced in the world, we will continue to do our trade and produce for our country and our city." he said.

A Platform Focused on Both Innovation and Design

Junioshow will host its visitors until the evening of Thursday, November 16, 2023. While 2 companies opened stands in 70 separate halls at the fair, which determines fashion and trends in the sector, current fashion and designs are exhibited in trend areas. The fair, where participating companies introduce baby and children's models with special decorative stands, offers its visitors a platform focused on both design and innovation.