BAK Kadıköy's New Search and Rescue Dog Coco

BAK Kadıköy's New Search and Rescue Dog Coco
BAK Kadıköy's New Search and Rescue Dog Coco

📩 08/11/2023 12:45

Kadıköy Municipality, Urban Search and Rescue Team – BAK Kadıköy's new search and rescue dog, Coco, successfully passed the "AFAD Dog Search Teams Task Proficiency Exam" organized by AFAD and received her certificate.

The new member of the team, Coco

Dogs, which save time for search and rescue teams by reaching deep into debris thanks to their ability to detect smell and sound, go through a difficult training process. Coco, who completed AFAD's training process and successfully passed the "AFAD Dog Search Teams Task Proficiency Exam", also took BAK KadıköyHe became a new member of . With this certificate Coco, BAK KadıköyThe trained team, which is equipped to organize quickly and respond immediately in possible disaster situations, will take part in the search efforts. By passing the proficiency exams by AFAD in 2022, BAK-Kadıköy The first search and rescue dog to join the team was Lena. Lena, who took part in the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquake, located the earthquake victims trapped under the rubble and identified the BAK Kadıköy He accelerated the work of his team. After Lena's success, LOOK Kadıköydecided to expand its team.

LOOK-Kadıköy member Jasmine Yasemin Farr said about Coco's inclusion in the team: “Coco came into my life when I was 4 months old. Actually, this is not the dog I chose for this job. He lived with me as a house dog. We started training after the age of 1,5. He is 3 years old now. In other words, we have been continuing our work for about 1,5 years, whether it is obedience training or field training, focusing on debris training for the last 6 months. Kadıköy Since I knew how successful and good the Urban Search and Rescue Team was, I wanted to take part in this team with my dog. We have been together for 6 months. We achieved success with Coco in the task proficiency exams organized by AFAD once a year. Upon searching for debris. In this way, we had the chance to be operational. "With this certificate we received, we have the ability to take part in any disaster that occurs in Turkey." said.

“We have fulfilled all the criteria of heavy level accreditation.”

BAK- stated that the heavy level criteria were completed with Coco joining the team.Kadıköy Cenk Tankal, a member of the team and Lena's trainer, said:Kadıköy As the Municipality Urban Search and Rescue Team, we currently have mid-level urban search and rescue accreditation. We have now met all the criteria for heavy level accreditation. We had two dog criteria to complete last. "Our next work will be to increase the number of dogs and take important steps to improve our team."