Metrobus Route Will Become a Completely Concrete Road in 2024

Metrobus Route Will Have a Completely Concrete Road in XNUMX
Metrobus Route Will Have a Completely Concrete Road in XNUMX

📩 20/11/2023 15:39

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluexperienced the concrete road application, which improves the travel quality on the metrobus route, one of the most used public transportation routes in the city. Accompanied by Avcılar Mayor Turan Hançerli, İmamoğlu received detailed information about the application from IETT General Manager İrfan Demet and IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department Head Ayhan Taş at the last stop of Beylikdüzü TÜYAP metrobus, before the metrobus journey. İmamoğlu also made evaluations on the same point to the members of the press following him. Reminding that they started the concrete road application as of 2022, İmamoğlu said, “As of 2023, they have completed more than 54 kilometers. We hope to complete the remaining part in 2024. "Thus, on the metrobus line we see, since only the bridges are carried out as a separate production - but the Golden Horn but the 15 July Martyrs Bridge - except for these two bridges, the entirety of it will be turned into a concrete road," he said.


Stating that the concrete road will prevent premature deterioration of the asphalt and the resulting vehicle malfunctions, İmamoğlu said, “Unfortunately, these deteriorations could also cause some ground-related accidents. We have carried out a study to prevent all this. Of course, it is durable for a very long time. It has a staying power and duration of over 20 years. Another aspect is that it is local, environmentally friendly, our product. In other words, the gravel comes from our quarries. We produce cement. "It is our organizations and companies that carry out the concrete plant and its R&D," he said. Stating that they added 242 buses to the metrobus line with the use of equity capital, İmamoğlu said, “We will complete the number to 252 next week. In other words, 252 of our vehicles are only 1-1,5 years old and they are very specially equipped vehicles. We will be providing Istanbulites with the comfort of a metrobus where we renew the vehicles and the ground on the other. "We would like to thank all our friends who took this innovative step and organized their roads in this way."


İmamoğlu also answered many questions of journalists in the same field regarding the agenda. He gave the following answer to İmamoğlu's question about whether the concrete road and new metrobuses will prevent possible accidents and save money:

“When you think over the years, this is also a serious savings. When you look at it holistically, we can see that it provides very serious savings, both with its maintenance and renewal, with the fact that it causes 15 percent less damage to the vehicles - you have just heard the rates given - and with the tires, bodywork and other parts. Of course, it will also reduce accidents on the metrobus line, which will give us the situation. But let me say this: I am very sad to follow this approach of the opposition in Istanbul, which puts IETT and İSKİ on its agenda, diminishes the ancient institutions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and tries to humiliate them. Those who carry this to various newspapers... Look, they may criticize us. You can say, 'There was an accident there.' Or you can say, 'God forbid, people were injured in that accident.' These accidents Ekrem İmamoğluIt just doesn't happen during 's period. These accidents always existed. It will happen again. In other words, there is no such thing as an average of zero accidents in the world. But we say this assertively. Accidents decreased during our period. Many problems have decreased in our period. But we have never used such low-level opposition language before. In other words, we did not take the bus accident and translate it into another tragic language. "Or by using insulting language against a mayor, we did not make this a news in various media organizations."


“I'm sure this business has a center somewhere. Sometimes I see it with the same language, the same adjectives... Ekrem İmamoğluFor example, there is the name and surname of . In other words, they are trying to diminish the services of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by simply writing its name, making headlines, and using sleazy language. They are not satisfied with this; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality... Look, I say 'ancient'. İSKİ almost lived with the Republic. IETT is an institution that entered the life of this city as one of the most important institutions of the Ottoman period and is over 150 years old. Now insulting these institutions… They are not satisfied; They are almost sacrificing their lives and making news or some initiatives that diminish even our fire brigade, which has been serving for more than a hundred years. Let them end their evil tongues and their evil opposition. So they will never gain from this.”


“İSKİ institution has put a great effort into the infrastructure. It rained for almost two days straight. The dam levels, which dropped to 15 percent, have risen to almost 23 percent as of today. In other words, it received an 8-point increase in precipitation in 2 days, and in a single place in Istanbul, there were no floods, ponds or tragic situations due to the city's infrastructure. In other words, the flood scenes in Üsküdar, Beşiktaş, Kartal, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü or other places did not occur, even though nearly 2 kilograms of rain fell per square meter in 100 days. Therefore, we are doing the right things. We are doing work on infrastructure. We offer invisible services to Istanbulites. Why? For a comfortable, more beautiful life. We will continue this. I advise them not to use bad language as opposition, but to use more polite and level-headed language. Because they will serve this country as the opposition for many years, just as they will serve the city. "If they do not correct that opposition language, they will be in a situation where they cannot even be in parliaments as an opposition."


After the evaluation speech and question-answer session, İmamoğlu, who took the metrobus from Beylikdüzü TÜYAP with the journalists, experienced the comfort of concrete roads for 13 stops. Meanwhile, İmamoğlu continued to answer journalists' questions about the agenda. The journey of İmamoğlu and the journalists ended at the Avcılar stop.


The first two stages of the 'White Road' application, which offers comfortable travel on the Metrobus road and is calculated to have a durability of 21 years, were completed recently. In 2022, Yenibosna – Cevizli15.6 kilometers of white road work was completed between the vineyard stops. This year, with 13 stops between Beykent and IBB Social Facilities CevizliWhite road work has been completed at the stops between Bağ and Mecidiyeköy. With the completion of these two stages, a total of 30 kilometers of white road work covering 54.1 stops on the European side came to an end. Since metrobus, which is the lifeblood of public transportation, was used very frequently, the asphalt on the metrobus road wore out very quickly. The asphalt on the metrobus road, which needs to be changed twice a year, will no longer need to be changed frequently after the 'White road' application. There was no interruption in the metrobus line during the construction of the white road. With the announcements and measures taken, it was ensured that drivers and passengers did not experience any problems in transportation. With the two stages completed, Istanbulites began to travel smoothly and comfortably on the metrobus road on the European side. With the project implemented by the IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, it is expected that there will be no deterioration or deformation on the metrobus line for 2 years. Since there will be no need for maintenance work done twice a year, maintenance costs are also eliminated.