Turkish Automotive Sector Increased Exports in September

Turkish Automotive Sector Increased Exports in September
Turkish Automotive Sector Increased Exports in September

According to Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OİB) data, the Turkish automotive industry exported 2,6 billion 2 million dollars in September, with an increase of 822 percent. The share of the industry, which ranks second in Turkey's exports, was 14,7 percent.

Baran Çelik, OİB Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “Our exports in the January-September period this year were 25 billion 620 million USD. "We believe that we will achieve our year-end target despite the contraction in the European Union, our biggest market," he said.

1,2 billion dollars of exports from the supply industry

While the largest product group, Supply Industry exports, was 1 billion 203 million USD in September, Passenger Cars exports decreased by 4 percent to 776 million USD, Motor Vehicles for Goods Transport exports increased to 402 million USD, Tow Trucks exports increased to 192 million USD and Bus-Minibus-Midibus exports increased to 104 percent. increased to 213 million USD.

While there was a 2% decrease in exports to Germany, which is the country with the most exports in the Supply Industry, there was a 15% decrease in exports to the Russian Federation, 24% to Spain, 33% to Romania, 24% to Morocco and the United Kingdom, which are also important markets. There was a 14 percent increase.

Exports increased by 31 percent to France, 66 percent to Italy, 100 percent to Algeria, 26 percent to Slovenia, 46 percent to Bulgaria, which are important markets for passenger cars, while 36 percent to the United Kingdom and 35 percent to Spain. There was a 36 percent decrease in exports, 52 percent to Belgium, 68 percent to Israel, and XNUMX percent to Morocco.

While there was a 16 percent decrease in exports of Motor Vehicles for Transporting Goods to the United Kingdom, 25 percent to Italy, 55 percent to Germany, and 99 percent to the USA, there was a 90 percent decrease in exports to Slovenia, 70 percent to France, and 179 percent to Australia. increase was recorded. In the Bus-Minibus-Midibus product group, there was an increase in exports to France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the USA.

397 million USD export to Germany

In September, 397 million USD exports were recorded to Germany, which is again the country with the most exports. While France became the second largest market with an export figure of 350 million USD, automotive exports to this country increased by 30 percent compared to last year. Exports of 35 million USD were made to Italy, the third largest market, with an increase of 277 percent.

While there was an increase in exports of 34 percent to Slovenia, 14 percent to Russia, 36 percent to Romania and 24 percent to the Netherlands, which are also important markets, there was a decrease of 20 percent to the United Kingdom, 23 percent to the United States and 37 percent to Israel. .

Exports to EU Countries are approximately 2 billion dollars

Exports of 68 billion 9 million USD were made to EU countries, which are the largest market on a country group basis and have a share of 1 percent, with an increase of 916 percent. While Other European Countries ranked second among country groups with a share of 10,5 percent, exports to this country group decreased by 22 percent. Exports to African Countries increased by 25 percent.