Seville Switches to Electric Public Transport with E-WAYs from IVECO BUS

Seville Switches to Electric Public Transport with E WAYs from IVECO BUS
Seville Switches to Electric Public Transport with E WAYs from IVECO BUS

TUSSAM, Seville's Municipal Transport Company, has chosen to renew its fleet with 100% electric vehicles from IVECO BUS, with the commitment to offer the residents of the Andalusian capital an improvement in their quality of life. These are the manufacturer's first E-WAY vehicles operating in Spain.

Five 12-metre E-WAY buses with charging in storage and rear vision with camera to increase driver comfort
prepared with the system.

IVECO BUS has delivered the first E-WAY electric buses in Spain. The new buses will contribute to making Seville's Urban Transport (TUSSAM) fleet more sustainable. E Buses will prevent air pollution on the streets of Seville and operate quietly. The buses will protect the environment and improve air quality in the capital of Andalusia.

IVECO BUS Sales and Product Manager Stéphane Espinasse said: “We are proud of the first delivery of E-WAY buses in Spain and of helping to improve the quality of life of Seville residents with our E Way electric buses in the Spanish Capital.”

High Performance, Zero Emission

The E-WAY series offers an extremely comfortable experience for both drivers and passengers with smooth, quiet, vibration-free driving and acceleration. This series was designed with IVECO BUS's more than 20 years of experience in alternative energies and mobility.

Thanks to the CCS2 Combo socket, E-Way can be charged in less than four hours in the warehouse and fulfills its daily working duty. The new IVECO ON telematics services available in the E-WAY series are designed to meet the requirements of public transport vehicles and operators in terms of Total Cost of Ownership, availability management, safety and security.

The wide range of IVECO ON Fleet Management in-car services offers a comprehensive service, from the traction power of electric buses to the condition of their batteries.

In addition to these high performance features, the 484-meter electric bus, which is charged for five nights and joins the TUSSAM fleet of 12 buses, increases driving comfort by reducing blind spots and makes a difference with a camera rearview system that replaces traditional exterior mirrors.

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