Ordu Hosted the Dragon Boat Racing Championship

Ordu Hosted the Dragon Boat Racing Championship
Ordu Hosted the Dragon Boat Racing Championship

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Gülyalı District Metropolitan Municipality Water Sports Center, which started to host national and international races with the work of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, hosted the Dragon Boat Races Championship.

The Water Sports Center, which has made Ordu a center where national and international sports competitions such as canoeing and sailing can be held since the day it was opened, has hosted a new excitement. The Dragon Boat Racing Championship was completed, with a total of 360 athletes participating from surrounding provinces, especially Ordu. The races, in which 12 teams consisting of 30 people each, took part, witnessed great excitement.

President Hilmi Güler, who followed the exciting races on site, said that they made Ordu a national and international center with their sports moves.


Mayor Hilmi Güler, who started the races, said that we continue to work for Ordu to rise even higher in every field.

President Güler gave the following words in his statement:

“As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we said: Thinking, Producing, Competing Ordu. We thought about it and brought such a sports facility to our city. We brought one of the rare places in our country to our city 1 year ago and we host national and international competitions in many branches. We said Producing Army, we produced 4 of the boats used in these races today and our athletes are using them here today. This situation makes us happy. We said Competing Army. Today, there are teams from other provinces, especially our districts, and they are all fighting fiercely to get first place. Apart from Dragon Boat Races, canoeing, sailing and other water sports are also held in this facility. This is the result of us making Ordu at peace with the sea. There is a nice atmosphere here today. There is a visual feast in which 360 athletes participate. Our city is breaking its shell and rising higher every day. “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to bring our people together with our nature and sea, as we did yesterday.”


360 athletes from the city as well as surrounding provinces attended the event organized by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and Culture, Tourism and Arts Department at the Metropolitan Municipality Water Sports Center. The championship, which included 12 teams consisting of 30 people each, witnessed great excitement.


Medals were given to the athletes who were successful in the Dragon Boat Races, which attracted intense participation. 19 Mayıs Municipality came first in the Dragon Boat Races. While EKOBİD Dragon Team came second, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Uzmar Dragon Team came third and Triathlete Pikolo came fourth. After the competitions, the protocol members presented the cups to the winning teams and gave medals to all the athletes participating in the competition.


Athletes who came to the Gülyalı District Metropolitan Municipality Water Sports Center for the Dragon Boat Racing Championship gave the facility full marks. Stating that the facility is above standards, the athletes made the following statement.

“We came from outside the province for the Dragon Boat Races organized by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Ordu impressed us with its nature and sea. Moreover, having such a facility in Ordu is very important for athletes interested in sea sports. “We thank everyone who contributed to this organization.”