Mercedes-Benz Offers Attractive Opportunities in October

Mercedes Benz Offers Attractive Opportunities in October
Mercedes Benz Offers Attractive Opportunities in October

📩 24/10/2023 15:09

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has updated the financing options available for new car purchases to be more advantageous for October. If Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance is preferred for the Mercedes-Benz C-Series All-Terrain model, a 1.250.000-month loan opportunity with 12% interest is offered for loans up to 2,99 TL, while interest starting from 36% for loans with a maturity of up to 2,99 months. rates apply. For C-Series Sedan, EQE, E 200 d Sedan automobiles, a 1.000.000-month 12% interest loan opportunity is offered for 2,99 TL loan for October. It also has a loan opportunity of 500.000 TL, 12 months with 2,99% interest for CLA, GLA, GLB, EQA and EQB.

Exchange discounts are provided to corporate and individual customers. Trade-in discount and credit financing campaign cannot be used at the same time. The loan amounts to be applied within the scope of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services' campaign are defined only for corporate customers. Maximum loan amount and maturity that can be used in Individual/Sole Proprietorship-Special Election applications; 400.000% of the price and 800.000 months maturity for vehicles with a final invoice value of 50 TL - 36 TL; 800.000% of the price and 1.200.000 months maturity for vehicles between 30 TL and 24 TL; For vehicles worth 1.200.000 TL - 2.000.000 TL, 20% of the price and 12 months maturity can be applied as a loan.

Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicle campaigns

Owning a Vito becomes easier with the flexible payment plan advantage and low monthly payments offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Vito also offers many different advantages compared to its class. Customers who want to own Vito, the most assertive vehicle in its segment with its low initial purchase cost, high quality standards, economical fuel use, increased safety equipment, and wide product range suitable for different usage areas, can get a loan of 400.000 TL if Mercedes-Benz Insurance is preferred. , can benefit from the advantage of 5 months maturity and 0% interest.

When Mercedes-Benz Insurance is preferred to own the Sprinter, which differs with its standard safety features such as headlight and rain sensors, wind drift assistant and lane tracking assistant, a 100.000-month maturity and 5% interest advantage is offered for a 0 TL loan.

Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles are waiting for all commercial enterprises and those who want to buy commercial vehicles at very advantageous prices. In addition, opportunities for second-hand purchases continue, with a 100.000 TL loan offered exclusively to Mercedes-Benz Insurance, with a 5-month maturity and 0% interest rate.