Meka Beton Public Offering Will Be Held on October 5-6

Meka Beton Public Offering Will Take Place in October
Meka Beton Public Offering Will Take Place in October

📩 03/10/2023 14:51

Meka Beton Santralleri İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is a complete facility and machinery manufacturer for the concrete plant, crushing and screening, mining, recycling, construction and ready-mixed concrete industries. (MEKA) goes public. The MEKA public offering, which will be held through Vakıf Yatırım and the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey, will be held with a price of 25 TL, on 5-6 October, through the Sale method on the Stock Exchange.

MEKA, an industrial manufacturer with a wide product range and global recognition in the production of facilities and machinery used in many sectors from construction to mining, from recycling to aggregate production, operating in two main areas called concrete batching plants and crushing and screening, is going public. MEKA, which has the infrastructure suitable to determine the needs of its customers in both fields of activity, to provide the best service in product design, production, sales-marketing, assembly, after-sales services, field training, facility automation software and service services, in addition to its standard products, has strong It draws attention with its R&D center and expertise that creates preference in high-capacity special facility design and production around the world.

MEKA, whose average export rate in the last 5 years is over 85 percent, has exported to more than 100 countries since its establishment. MEKA, which has been included in the 'Turkey's Top 15 Exporters Report' of the Turkish Exporters Assembly 9 times in the last 1000 years, has a production capacity spread over five facilities, one in Eskişehir and four in Ankara, and continues its sales activities in five continents all over the world.

MEKA will increase its current capital of 50.000.000 TL by 12.500.000 TL to 62.500.000 TL within the scope of the public offering. The public offering will also include the sale of Group B shares with a nominal value of 4.400.000 TL, owned by Mehmet Kaybal, one of the existing partners. Thus, shares with a total nominal value of 16.900.000 TL will be offered for sale in MEKA's public offering. In the public offering, where shares with a nominal value of 1 TL will be offered for sale at a fixed price of 25 TL, if all the shares are sold, the offering size will be 422,5 million TL and MEKA's free float rate will be 27,04 percent.

We aim to grow by turning our export ability into strong references.

MEKA Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Kaybal stated that they have achieved great success in their journey in 1987 and have left 36 years behind. Underlining that, as MEKA, they offer all services regarding concrete plants and crushing and screening, from the design, production, marketing to software preparation, Kaybal said: “As MEKA, since our establishment, we have focused on industrial production for the sectors that are the dynamo of the world economy. Today, we have become a global player with our regularly improved capacity, the markets we reach and the deep experience we have gained in reference projects. We are extremely proud to take part in the most important projects of Turkey and the world with our facilities. Around the world, for example, the UK HS2 high-speed train project, which is still ongoing and considered one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, many airport projects around the world, including Istanbul (İGA), dams, the US Consulate Campus in Mexico, Lyon Édouard in France. -We have put our signature to infrastructure, transportation and social facilities projects such as Herriot port investments with our complete facilities that we designed and produced. The field of recycling and mining has recently been at the focus of our R&D and production activities. “With the public offering, we aim to grow these successes by transferring them from generation to generation in a more corporate structure.”

Stating that 42 to 45 percent of the income they will obtain from the public offering will be used in investment expenditures and 42 to 45 percent will be used in working capital, Mehmet Kaybal said, “5 to 8 percent of our public offering income will be used in solar power plant installation and the remaining part will be used in working capital.” "We plan to use 5-8 percent in R&D and P&D expenditures," he said.

We analyze the changing world conditions well

Pointing out that they have well analyzed the sector dynamics and changing world conditions, Mehmet Kaybal said: “With its mobile, fixed, compact, construction site type, RCC, precast concrete plants, it will meet the needs in the entire spectrum, from the smallest construction site to the largest projects, from the ready-mixed concrete industry to the precast industry.” We have a wide product range. In addition to standard equipment in the field of crushing and screening, we produce a wide range of feeders, crushers, screens, mobile units and washing systems designed taking into account the specific requirements of users. We also offer spare parts that we can integrate into existing facilities for the products we produce with high quality standards using current technologies. “We serve our customers with solutions that meet all their needs for aggregate producers, recycling facilities, industrial mineral processing facility investments, new facilities for various mines and existing facility capacity increase or revision.”

We focus on integrated recycling technologies

Pointing out that there is currently a very serious waste problem all over the world, Mehmet Kaybal said that each type of waste requires a different approach depending on its possible impact on environmental toxicity. Kaybal stated that while natural resources are depleting and climate change is increasing through gas emissions and environmental pollution, MEKA focuses on integrated recycling technologies to recycle waste materials and said, “Targeted recycling of waste is largely based on process engineering, knowledge and experience. While the importance of recycling in the construction industry is increasing and legal obligations are on the agenda in some countries, we think that the products developed by Meka in the field of recycling will have a positive impact on achieving our goals. "We observe that the applications of construction and demolition waste recycling, metal recovery and slag recycling, ceramic waste recycling and quarry waste recycling are increasing in the world and in our country, and we continue our work in this product group," he said.