Maxus e-Deliver 3 Starts the Electric Commercial Vehicle Revolution in Turkey

Maxus e Deliver Starts the Electric Commercial Vehicle Revolution in Turkey
Maxus e Deliver Starts the Electric Commercial Vehicle Revolution in Turkey

Maxus, which carries the electrification movement in the automotive market to the commercial vehicle sector, continues to attract attention with its economic solutions and campaigns in Turkey, where it recently entered with the assurance of Doğan Trend Automotive.

Maxus, one of the world's largest electric commercial vehicle manufacturers, continues to attract attention in the Turkish market, where it made a strong entry with the distributorship of Doğan Trend Otomotiv. British brand Maxus, whose history dates back to 1896 and came under the umbrella of automotive giant SAIC in 2009, meets an important need in the market with its 100 percent electric e-Deliver 3 model. Maxus brand, which carries the electrification movement in the Turkish automobile market to the commercial vehicle sector, almost makes you forget about fuel expenses with the e-Deliver 3, the first model it introduced to the market. In addition to its economic advantage, Doğan Trend Otomotiv has also launched special advantageous campaigns and ownership options for Maxus e-Deliver 3 for October.

With a range of 371 kilometers, it is suitable for both urban use and long journeys.

Drawing attention with its innovative features and economic advantages, the 100 percent electric Maxus e-Deliver 3 is as good as a passenger car with its quiet and comfortable ride. Powerful and agile with its 118 kW electric motor, e-Deliver 3 easily meets daily needs with its 371 kilometers WLTP urban range. The model, which has an internal AC charging capacity of 11 kW, has a DC charging capacity of 90 kW. In this way, it is possible to charge the e-Deliver 3's battery from 45 percent to 5 percent in just 80 minutes. Maxus e-Deliver 3, which also offers its users a more economical driving opportunity with two different driving modes, achieves maximum energy recovery with 3 different KERS settings developed according to traffic density. With its high capacity battery and efficient engine, e-Deliver 3 provides significant advantages to users. When charged at night with company electricity, the vehicle's energy cost per 100 kilometers is only 40 TL. With the same calculation, e-Deliver 3 provides savings of up to 85 percent, considering the average fuel consumption of its diesel competitors. In addition, Maxus e-Deliver 3 makes a difference with its 5-year/100 thousand kilometer vehicle warranty as well as an 8-year/160 thousand kilometer battery warranty.

There is space for 2 Euro Pallets

With its length of 4555 mm, width of 1780 mm and height of 1895 mm, Maxus e-Deliver 3 fills a significant gap among mid-size light commercial vehicles. The vehicle, which draws attention with its 2910 mm wheelbase, becomes the most suitable vehicle for urban use when compared to its electric competitors. The vehicle, which has a loading volume of 4.8 cubic meters, meets expectations with a carrying capacity of 910 kilograms. Impressive with its large loading area, e-Deliver 3 offers a load carrying area of ​​2 Euro Pallets. The standard equipment list of the vehicle includes a touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay and QDLink, rear view camera, heated seats, leather steering wheel, electric windows, automatic headlights and electrically adjustable heated side mirrors.

Unprecedented planting campaigns for Maxus e-Deliver 3

It is also very easy to own Maxus e-Deliver 3, which stands out with its assertive features. With the "Try and Buy Program" offered in this context, companies are offered a time to experience the tool for 6 months under the title "Try it at Work First, Then Buy". If companies do not want to complete the rental period, they can return their vehicles to Maxus Authorized Dealers as of that day. In addition, a 3-month 600 percent interest campaign for 6 thousand TL, special for October, has been launched for those who want to have e-Deliver 0. On the other hand, while the second-hand value of the vehicle is guaranteed with Maxus ValueGuard Value Protection Assurance, Doğan Trend Automotive offers all users a guarantee to take back their vehicles.

Wallbox gift for those who purchase Maxus e-Deliver 3

Wallbox, the world's leading charging station brand, distributed by Doğan Trend Otomotiv, has also launched a special campaign for those who purchase e-Deliver 3. Wallbox is giving away the Pulsar Plus model to Maxus users who purchase e-Deliver 3 in October. Wallbox Pulsar Plus, which has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, responds to the charging needs of e-Deliver 3 owners with a comfortable and economical solution.