Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Harvest Started in Kocaeli

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Harvest Started in Kocaeli
Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Harvest Started in Kocaeli

📩 03/10/2023 13:46

Within the scope of the "Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Cultivation Project" (TABİP), which was implemented 3 years ago by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase the income level of farmers whom it encourages to grow high value-added products and to support agricultural development, the plant was first planted in approximately 1140 decares of land throughout the province. Harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants has started.


In Kocaeli, which is one of the rare cities where tourism, industry, education, agriculture and animal husbandry activities are carried out together, the support projects implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality for farmers make the producers happy. With TABİP, one of the most important rural development moves of Kocaeli, to which Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Büyükakın attaches great importance, support is provided to growers of rosemary, medicinal mint and lemon balm with high added value. Within the scope of the project, 4 million 890 thousand aromatic plants have been introduced into the soil so far. The project aims to prevent movement from rural to urban areas and encourage people to return from the city to the countryside, and also provides employment for women farmers.


The first rosemary harvest of this season has started in Derince and Kandıra districts. While a total of 2021 tons of rosemary was harvested in the province in 2022 and 250, this year the figure is expected to be approximately 150 tons. The harvesting of aromatic plants is done by human power and also with a trailer-loading aromatic plant harvesting machine, the design and production of which was built by the Metropolitan Municipality with completely national and local resources. Thanks to the machine used for the first time in Kocaeli, harvesting is carried out serially, without damaging the plants.


Under the supervision of the Metropolitan Municipality Sekapark A.Ş., all agricultural activities, certification process of farmers, trainings and monitoring of field practices are carried out in line with organic plant certification in accordance with international standards for 5 production years. Annual plant product insurance policies of the lands where seedlings are planted, Sekapark A.Ş. It is covered by. In line with the project, Metropolitan agricultural engineers and Sekapark A.Ş. While its technical team provides the necessary controls in the fields to be planted, it also provides consultancy services to farmers on technical issues.


With the Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Cultivation Project (TABİP) carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, the "industrial city" Kocaeli is rapidly progressing towards becoming the center of medicinal and aromatic plant production. The medicinal and aromatic plants market, which has a volume of billions of dollars in the world, will also be an important source of profit for Kocaeli. In this context, medicinal and aromatic plants produced in Kocaeli will contribute to Turkey's exports in this field as well as the domestic market.


In Turkey's largest Medicinal Aromatic Plants Distillation Center, established by the Metropolitan Municipality, demonstration plants are grown and essential oils obtained from high value-added agricultural products by the water vapor method are used in the pharmaceutical, food supplement and cosmetic sectors. Sekapark A.Ş., established in cooperation with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (MAM). In the Super Critical Fluid Extraction Facility, the products are processed with high technology and raw materials are provided to the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries with plant extracts produced in accordance with international standards. PRODUCERS ARE SATISFIED.

Kandıra producer Hüseyin Ferhat Arı, who harvested rosemary in his field, said that he entered the rosemary business this year and obtained the best crop of this year in his field of approximately 10,5 decares. Stating that he is happy to grow medicinal and aromatic plants, Arı said: “There is no problem with sales. We must make an agreement with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. They come, they plant, when the time comes, they harvest and leave. We get our money. We are having our second harvest this year. I got into this job with the encouragement of the Metropolitan Municipality. I am very pleased. The metropolitan city does everything, we do the workmanship. I recommend everyone to plant rosemary. Efficient and high added value. I received patpat, fertilizer and diesel support from the Metropolitan Municipality. Thank God, we are very pleased. I would like to thank our President Tahir Büyükakın. He gives all kinds of support. We feel comfortable because our president is with us. “I thank him very much, may God bless him.”


Producer İbrahim Turan, who planted rosemary on 60 decares of land in Derince district and lavender on 15 decares, said that he had previously planted wheat, oats and corn, but with the advice of the Metropolitan Municipality, he decided to grow medicinal and aromatic plants with high added value. Stating that he made a 5-year contract with the Metropolitan Municipality with a guaranteed purchase, Turan said, “We receive all kinds of support, whether it is fertilizer or diesel. We only hoe and irrigate. We bought a nice product and we are very pleased. Yield quality increases every year. Not much comes out of our pocket. We started making money. We will make more profit over time. Rosemary is a plant suitable for barren soil. It can be planted in lands that are not suitable for corn and wheat cultivation. I recommend it to my farmer friends. Our President Tahir Büyükakın is very supportive of us farmers. Diesel oil is indispensable for farmers. Once you give the diesel fuel, the farmer cultivates and harvests somehow. Friends from other provinces tell us that such support is not provided here. We, as Kocaeli, are very lucky. We want this support to continue. "We would like to thank our president Tahir Büyükakın for his support," he said.