Tastes of Kayseri Meet the Famous Chefs of the Gastronomy World!

Tastes of Kayseri Meet the Famous Chefs of the Gastronomy World!
Tastes of Kayseri Meet the Famous Chefs of the Gastronomy World!

📩 25/10/2023 13:46

At Kayseri Gastronomy Days, which Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality considers as an opportunity to promote and explain the city, a "delicious and full" program will be held with famous chefs and events from the gastronomy world.

Individual "Kayseri Cuisine Main Dish" from the 'Housewives Kayseri Cuisine Local Food Competition' between High Schools and Universities at Kayseri Gastronomy Days on 27-28-29 October, when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Nation Garden, one of the largest and most comprehensive national gardens of Turkey, will open its doors. Competition, Innovative Approaches in Local Cuisines Panel, Lamb Show, interviews, theater and workshops will meet with its fans.


On October 27, the first day of Kayseri Gastronomy Days, where famous gastronomy stars and gastronomy lovers will take part, the events will start at 10.00 with the opening of the stands and visitor entry, and will continue uninterruptedly until 17.30, while the competitions held at the end of the full day The award ceremony will also be held.

On the second day, October 28, the events program will start at 10.00 and will continue until 16.30. The events will end with the award ceremony of the 2nd day competitions at the end of the day.

The event program, which will start at 29 on October 10.00, the last day of Kayseri Gastronomy Days, will end at 16.00.

The program will also include a Kayseri City Tour for invited guests.


At Kayseri Gastronomy Days, many experts and famous names in their fields will share taste and knowledge in the kitchen. While names such as Hazer Amani, the famous face of the gastronomy world and the 'most creative chef' of 2011, will hold interviews, expert dietitians such as Dietitian Rabia Özaslan will also inform the participants about healthy nutrition and diet. On the other hand, panels on gastronomy will be organized by academicians and operators of the gastronomy world from Kayseri and all over the country, with the participation of non-governmental organizations.

On the other hand, while the leading names of the gastronomy world, Cüneyt Asan, Hazer Amani, Murat Bozok, Doğa Çitçi, Esat Özata, Zeki Açıköz, Harun Dönmez, Süleyman Engin, Sefa Okyay Kılıç, Rafet İnce, Eyüp Kemal Sevinç and Elif Korkmazel will meet with their fans, the famous Herbalist Dr. Ender Saraç will also add color to the event with his interview. At the event, Fatma Nur Uçar and Sahrap Soysal will also appear before the participants with the Gastroshow event.


Cüneyt Asan, Harun Reşit Dönmez, leading names in the delicatessen and gastronomy world, will organize the event called 'Lamb Show' by Battal Yıldırım. In addition, digital platform Digiturk's Bein Gurme chefs will meet with taste hunters.


The technological crew version of the cartoon called 'Rafadan Tayfa', which children love to watch with its entertaining adventures, will meet with the child guests and they will have a nice and enjoyable time at the event.


On the first day of Kayseri Gastronomy Days, Kayseri Governor Gökmen Çiçek, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Kayseri University Rector Prof. Memduh Büyükkılıç and Turkish Chefs Federation President Zeki Açıköz will attend. Dr. 'Gastronomy City Kayseri' panel will be held under the moderation of Kurtuluş Karamustafa. Kayseri Gastronomy Days will be supported by Erciyes University, Kayseri University, Turkish Chefs Federation, Kayseri Chamber of Restaurants and Pastry Makers and Kayseri Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Association.