244th Support Truck Sent from Izmir to Hatay

Third Support Truck Sent from Izmir to Hatay
Third Support Truck Sent from Izmir to Hatay

📩 11/10/2023 14:18

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to heal the wounds after the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake disaster on February 11, which affected 6 provinces. The Metropolitan Municipality also sent the 244th support truck to Hatay.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which took action with all its units after the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, continues to support earthquake victims. Another truck containing aid materials provided by citizens and the Metropolitan Municipality set out for Hatay. The truck contains 300 stoves, 200 hygiene packages, 30 beds, 492 blankets, as well as 76 boxes of children's clothing, 85 boxes of women's clothing and 34 boxes of men's clothing. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been sending an aid truck to the region every week for 8 months, has set out its 244th support truck.

Solidarity will continue

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched the Hope Movement immediately after the disaster, creating a bridge of solidarity for the citizens in the earthquake zone. With the Hope Movement, which has grown like an avalanche with the intense participation of the people of Izmir, aid materials have been sent to the region with 3 planes, 2 ships, 243 trucks, 129 trucks and 6 pickup trucks. The Metropolitan Municipality, which established container cities in earthquake zones, also produced a solution to the housing problem with the "One Rent, One Home" campaign. Izmir's support to earthquake-affected citizens will continue until life in the region fully returns to normal.