Izmir Token Became the World's First City Token!

Izmir Token Became the World's First City Token!
Izmir Token Became the World's First City Token!

📩 23/10/2023 13:55

Details about the world's first city token, Izmir Token, which went on sale on the local cryptocurrency exchange on October 100, Republic Day, where the 29th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey was celebrated, have been announced.

Details regarding Izmir Token, the world's first city token, which has been under preparation for a while and will bring Izmir to the blockchain, have become a matter of public curiosity. Izmir Token, the world's first city token, which strengthens the bond established by sports clubs with their fans on the blockchain and is inspired by fan tokens, the number of which is approaching 90, will offer various privileges to both the city of Izmir and its owners, beyond being just a cryptocurrency and investment tool.

With the initiative of Barış Turgut, an entrepreneur from Izmir, with the investments of Sedat Ocakcı, developed by the technology company Batufi Soft and written on the ERC-20 blockchain, Izmir Token went on pre-sale to the Bzetmex cryptocurrency exchange on October 29, Republic Day. Details about the project, which has received investment, including from Ocakcı Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Sedat Ocakcı, have begun to become clear. The price of the investment will be announced by Sedat Ocakcı at the beginning of the week of October 29, which is the pre-sale date.

“A technology brand that pioneers the digital transformation of cities”

Those who are interested in the crypto ecosystem or the people of Izmir may ask, "What is Izmir Token, what is Izmir Token used for?" Noting that questions such as these are commonplace, Barış Turgut said, “Since Izmir Token is a first in the world, it is a project that tokenizes a city for the first time, in other words, divides it into pieces that can be bought and sold in the crypto ecosystem and carries it to the blockchain, it is even more important to explain what it is. "We define the vision of Izmir Token as a technology investment tool that pioneers the digital transformation of cities and aims to benefit investors."

Noting that Izmir is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey and emphasizing that it is a city open to innovation, Barış Turgut said, “Izmir Token is basically offered to the people of Izmir, those living in Izmir, local and foreign tourists visiting Izmir, businesses operating in Izmir and "It is a cryptocurrency project that aims to create benefits for the social life of Izmir," he said.

“A potential that can make Izmir the capital of crypto”

Reminding that Izmir Token, which went on pre-sale on October 29, is offered at an accessible price and that its price will be determined by investors in the future according to the supply-demand balance, Barış Turgut said, “Izmir Token holders will be able to enjoy various privileges in various socialization areas of Izmir. Izmir Token will offer opportunities such as access to leading beaches and participation in special experiential events at concerts to be held in Izmir. In a more general perspective, Izmir Token is a pilot project that serves purposes such as making Izmir the capital of crypto and popularizing the city token concept, which has the potential to be a new trend in the crypto ecosystem. Izmir Token, which we are working to become the digital currency of Izmir social life, will contribute to the city by creating economic collaborations, support Izmir-based entrepreneurs, and create a bridge between businesses and Izmir residents. "In addition, within the scope of our five-year vision plan, we will develop projects to enable Izmir Token to introduce young people from Izmir to blockchain and software and accelerate digital transformation in Izmir," he said.

Intense interest from international investors and investment funds

Reminding that İzmir Token, the world's first city token, received its first phase investment from Sedat Ocakcı, Chairman of Ocakcı Holding, which operates in Izmir and produces high technology, Barış Turgut, the entrepreneur of İzmir Token, concluded his evaluations with the following statements:

“After the initial public offering, we will work to ensure that Izmir Token, a technology brand, reaches more people with new investment rounds. With the reference of Sedat Ocakcı, we are currently continuing our negotiations with business people and investment funds based in Qatar, Dubai and Germany for the Izmir Token project, which gives everyone the chance to be a partner in Izmir and Izmir's future. Once Izmir Token proves its success in Izmir, the pearl of Turkey, we will carry this initiative to brand districts such as Çeşme and Bodrum and even to world cities such as Istanbul and Rome. "This project, which will bring foreign currency to Izmir and introduce Izmir to the world, will contribute to the local government, investors, Izmir-based businesses, in short, all stakeholders in the ecosystem."