İSKİ Says 'Stop' to Immigrant Fraud

İSKİ Says 'Stop' to Immigrant Fraud
İSKİ Says 'Stop' to Immigrant Fraud

📩 11/10/2023 11:23

It was determined that some foreigners under temporary protection made irregularities in their residence applications and extensions. After it was understood that some documents required for residence applications were obtained through fake subscriptions, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration warned all relevant institutions. One of the first institutions to take action was İSKİ, affiliated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Water subscription specifications for foreigners have been changed. Additional measures were included in the subscription agreement of foreign nationals. İSKİ has 6 million 874 thousand 188 subscribers in Istanbul. Approximately 287 thousand of these subscribers are foreign nationals.


Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Immigration Management has determined that some foreigners use fake documents in their applications for residence permits. The officers examined the invoices, which are among the documents required from foreigners in order to issue a valid residence certificate, and suspected fake subscriptions. All relevant institutions were warned.


İSKİ took action immediately. Subscription applications of foreign nationals under temporary protection were examined one by one. It was determined that some applications were systematically fraudulent.


Some foreign nationals; It was revealed that he repeatedly transferred the contract for the same usage area through more than one person. It was determined that contract transfer transactions were made at regular intervals in the name of spouse, mother, father and sibling. It was also revealed that subscription requests were made through people who were guests, and more than one active contract was made on behalf of the same people.


Upon detection of fake subscribers, İSKİ made some changes in the subscription application specifications for foreigners. Firstly, it was stipulated that the residence address of foreign nationals should be the same as the address where they want to make a contract. Foreigners are restricted from making more than one water subscription contract, except for those who apply with a real estate title deed. It was decided that the non-residence contracts of foreigners who had previously applied and were found to have more than one contract would be cancelled. Additionally, the online subscription process is closed to foreign nationals. When a contract made on behalf of a foreign national is intended to be transferred to another foreign national, the condition that the active contract holder is not registered at the residence address will be required. İSKİ immediately started to implement these decisions.


İSKİ has 6 million 874 thousand 188 subscribers in Istanbul. Approximately 287 thousand of these subscribers are foreign nationals. Istanbul governorship announced that foreigners under temporary protection whose residences are in other cities must leave the city until September 24, 2023. Due to the increase in the number of foreigners coming to Istanbul without a residence permit, 10 districts were closed to residence permits by the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration. In order for foreigners under temporary protection to stay in Istanbul, they must have a valid residence document, reside at the specified address, and notify the provincial immigration administration within the specified periods.