IMM Demolished 9 Buildings in Bayrampaşa

IMM Demolished the Building in Bayrampaşa
IMM Demolished the Building in Bayrampaşa

📩 06/10/2023 10:11

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started the demolition of 9 buildings in İsmetpaşa District of Bayrampaşa district, which were vacated by the rightful owners by agreement. 1700 families moved to the new and earthquake-safe Günışığı Residences built by IMM. Rights holders showed great interest in the demolition witnessed by Murat Yün, Head of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Development Department.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department started the demolition of 9 buildings in İsmetpaşa Neighborhood, Bayrampaşa District, within the Urban Transformation and Development Project Borders. Today, the demolition of apartments numbered 27 and 29 on Fulya Street was carried out in a controlled manner.

The decision to demolish 2013 buildings in the Bayrampaşa Old Prison Area, which was declared a reserve area in 9 due to the high risk of damage in the earthquake and the building stock having reached the end of its life, and subsequently entered the urban transformation process, was taken as a result of 90 percent consensus of the rights holders. Before the demolition, necessary precautions were taken around the construction site, preventing entry and exit to the construction site except for those concerned, and a control system was established. Buildings subject to demolition; electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, telephone, internet, etc. Plumbing connections were also cut off before the demolition. The demolition of the buildings, which were examined by the Police Precautions Directorate, took place in a controlled manner after placing a work machine into the building with the help of a crane.


Murat Yün, Head of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, accompanied the demolition, which took place under the intense interest of rights holders. Murat Yün said, “Today, we are demolishing 9 buildings in Bayrampaşa. Many of them are buildings built in the 1980s and are not earthquake resistant. This was declared an urban transformation and development area, and the area where our new residences are located was declared a reserve building area. We have come to the third step of the urban transformation process, which started with the Produce-Transfer-Unload model. There were problems in the development plans and license projects at first; It was passed by the Parliament again, a license was obtained and all these problems were overcome over time. On September 18, we gave our first title deeds to the rightful owners. We welcome all our citizens to our urban transformation office. "We must carry out the process together against the earthquake risk." he said.

IMM Urban Transformation Directorate Property Analysis Chief Ahmet Evrim Kalemdaroglu said, “When we see the happiness in people's eyes, we want to give their title deeds quickly. In the first stage, we gave 10 flat title deeds to 15 beneficiaries. Many applications, for which the decision of the council was subsequently taken, are still ongoing. The priority for us is the life safety of our people.” said.


Rights holders, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu Under his leadership, the moving process started in June 2020. Currently, 1700 families and more than 6 thousand people live in the new and earthquake-safe Günışığı Residences built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


Erkan Erk, one of the beneficiaries who obtained their title deeds in the first place and moved to Günışığı Residences, stated that the urban transformation mobilization in Istanbul is very important and said, “I was one of those who opposed it at first, but these places are really dangerous for us… The building I lived in was 63 years old and was not earthquake resistant. We decided to come here after talking to our elders and we have been here since 2021. Now we got our title deed. We live in a safe building, we have a parking lot and children's playgrounds. Our garbage is taken from the door, we have an elevator... We did not have these facilities in our homes. We are very pleased and happy. We became one of the lucky people in urban transformation. “He became a benefactor for us.” he used his words.


81-year-old beneficiary İbrahim Dönmez said that they could not sleep at night because of the fear of an earthquake and said, “We came here because of our fear of earthquakes, and we are very pleased. Our building was 60 years old and had cracks everywhere. We are more comfortable here now. We have a safe, warm home. We also received our title deed. “We recommend it to everyone.” said.

In Günışığı Residences, where 1700 families currently live, the beneficiaries living in the existing area and whose title deed control process has been completed; The process of contracting, moving into houses and issuing title deeds continues.