Emirates to Supply SAF to Dubai

Emirates to Supply SAF to Dubai
Emirates to Supply SAF to Dubai

📩 03/10/2023 09:52

Emirates today announced an agreement with Shell Aviation to supply more than 300.000 gallons of blended SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) for use at its international hub in Dubai. Under this agreement, the first SAF delivery is expected to be made before the end of the year. It will also be the first time that SAF will be delivered via the Dubai Airport refueling system.

The agreement marks the latest step in Emirates' environmental strategy, which focuses on three areas: reducing emissions, responsible consumption and protecting wildlife and nature reserves.

As part of the agreement, Emirates will track SAF deliveries and usage data through the Avelia system, one of the world's first blockchain-based SAF solutions, powered by Shell Aviation and Accenture, with support from Energy Web and American Express Global business travel.

Sir Tim Clark, Chairman of EmiratesAirline, said: “We are proud to partner with Shell to bring SAF delivery to Emirates in Dubai for the first time using the Avelia platform. As there are currently no production facilities for this fuel in the UAE, we hope that this collaboration will continue to develop and ensure a constant supply of SAF at our transport hub in the future. Aviation plays a vital role in Dubai and the country's overall economy and we look forward to working further with like-minded organizations and government agencies to find workable solutions to introduce more SAF into the currently very limited aviation fuel supply chain. “We have supplied and supported Emirates' efforts to reduce emissions across our operations.”

Shell CorporateTravel Vice President ChuYong-Yi said: “It's great that we can now work together on decarbonisation on this basis. This agreement represents a step forward for the aviation industry in the UAE. Being able to supply SAF to the Dubai hub for the first time is a significant milestone for us and an excellent example of how different parts of the aviation value chain play a key role in the advancement of SAF. “We hope this agreement will be a springboard for further SAF measures across the UAE and the region's aviation industry, taking us a step further on our net-zero emissions journey.”

SAF is a safe and fully certified fuel that is compatible with existing aircraft fleets and airport infrastructure, can be blended with conventional jet fuel at up to 50%, providing aviation fuel that significantly reduces carbon emissions throughout its life cycle. In its pure form, SAF can reduce life cycle emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel. [one]

Earlier this year, Emirates successfully completed its first 100% SAF-supported demonstration flight in the region. The airline's first SAF blended flight operated on a Boeing 2017 from Chicago in 777. The airline has also used SAF for flights from Stockholm and currently operates SAF-mixed flights from Paris, Lyon and Oslo.

Emirates participates in a number of working groups within the industry and within the UAE and continually works with stakeholders to help expand SAF production and supply. Last year, the airline participated and actively participated in the preparation of the UAE Energy to Liquids (PtL) plan, led by the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the World Economic Forum, together with the UAE GCAA. The UAE Sustainable Aviation Fuels National Plan was launched by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and GCAA in January 2023.