How Should Frozen Foods Be Defrosted?

How to Thaw Frozen Foods
How to Thaw Frozen Foods

📩 26/10/2023 14:04

Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Services (SHMYO) Food Technology Program Head Dr. Lecturer Salih Tuncay made an evaluation about frozen foods.

Dr. noted that cooling systems are one of the oldest methods in delivering healthy, hygienic and reliable foods produced all over the world to the end consumer and even in the first place in healthy food production. Faculty Member Salih Tuncay stated the following:

“Especially in the recent past, with technological developments, the cryogenic freezing method, which was developed by obtaining liquid nitrogen (its temperature is approximately -180 oC), is an important development in the storage and preservation of foods, 'freezing foods easily and very quickly'. We can also call this process the shock freezing method. Thanks to this method, foods containing a lot of water do not spoil while freezing, that is, their texture properties such as taste, smell and appearance do not change.”

"Foods frozen in the refrigerator cannot retain their original taste when thawed."

Dr. stated that foods frozen in a normal refrigerator cannot preserve their old taste and flavor when thawed. Lecturer Salih Tuncay said, "The most important reason for this is that while freezing slowly, the water molecules in the food crystallize and cause volume increase, and therefore the cells in the food break down with the increase in volume and lose their original taste, smell and flavor." said.

“Cold chain must be maintained throughout the thawing process!”

Dr. Faculty Member Salih Tuncay also noted that it is important to thaw frozen foods safely and shared his views as follows:

“Improperly defrosted food can cause rapid growth of microorganisms and compromise food safety. It is important to maintain the cold chain throughout the thawing process. Therefore, we can say that the most effective and best way is refrigerator (+4 oC) conditions. In addition, techniques such as using a microwave oven and rapid defrosting (contacting with a metal container with high heat conductivity or with fluid cold water that does not come into contact with the food) are also effective methods to ensure rapid defrosting of foods.”