Technology Activating the Battery Industry of the Future from CLPA

Technology Activating the Battery Industry of the Future from CLPA
Technology Activating the Battery Industry of the Future from CLPA

📩 12/10/2023 10:20

LiB (lithium-ion battery), a family of rechargeable batteries with high energy density, is widely used in high-tech electronic devices. Offering high performance as well as network integration, open industrial Ethernet technology reduces the complexity of production and provides a competitive advantage to manufacturers. CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association), based in Japan, allows LiB manufacturers to comply with very strict product specifications and simplify their production systems with the CC-Link IE TSN network technology it developed. With this high technology, manufacturers can gain a cost advantage and increase their efficiency while gaining a scalable structure.

LiB (lithium-ion battery) production; It continues to grow exponentially thanks to the increasing use of electronic devices and developing applications such as smartphones, tablets and headphones. LiB producers need to rapidly increase their capacity without compromising high quality to meet increasing global demands. For this, high precision, efficient and volume production systems are needed.

LiB producers gain scalability

CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association), based in Japan, offers various advantages to machine manufacturers with the first open industrial Ethernet technology that combines gigabit bandwidth with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). With gigabit bandwidth, it enables large volumes of production data to be easily processed without affecting machine performance or facility productivity. Moreover, since data is shared at gigabit speeds, LiB producers can gain a scalable structure while meeting increasingly demanding needs. Working at high speeds means that multiple axes of motion can be synchronized in microsecond intervals, achieving levels of process quality never before available.

“We will continue to provide added value to the LiB industry and many other sectors”

Stating that the world's leading LiB manufacturers are powered by the high technology of CC-Link IE TSN, CLPA Turkey Manager Önder Şenol said, “Manufacturers benefit from our technology to take one step ahead of the competition, to bring their customers to industry leadership today and in the future, and to provide a scalable platform. At this point, as CLPA, our development work for CC-Link IE TSN continues. "With every step we take towards development, we will continue to provide added value to many sectors, especially the LiB industry," he said.

Eliminates high costs

With the integration of TSN into the network, several different processes can be carried out in a single network architecture. This eliminates the high costs of having to use multiple networks to manage the machines' large and complex multi-axis motion control system separately from other machine functions such as visual inspection, safety and general machinery. Thanks to the capabilities of CC-Link IE TSN, all these different communication needs can now share a common network architecture. Thus, while production is simplified, costs are also reduced. CC-Link IE TSN, which is very easy to install and maintain, also provides users with a competitive advantage.

Opening the door to artificial intelligence

CC-Link IE TSN also forms the basis of OT/IT integration with the ability to allow different processes to share the same network. Thus, machine operating data generated in the production area can be shared more easily with higher-level IT systems. This opens the door to using artificial intelligence systems in machine operation analysis to provide operational improvements in the future.