Ankara Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project will be put into service in 2027

Ankara Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project Will Be Put into Service
Ankara Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project Will Be Put into Service

📩 28/10/2023 10:24

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that the Izmir-Ankara YHT construction works, which will reduce the time between Ankara and Izmir to 3,5 hours and connect Izmir to the high-speed railway network, continue in stages and said, "Hopefully, we will put our project into service in 2027."

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu made a press statement after the provincial coordination meeting held in Izmir Governorship. Regarding the coordination meeting where the needs of Izmir were discussed, Minister Uraloğlu said, "We discussed what we will do for projects that will take Izmir further." In the press release, Uraloğlu stated that they have continued to invest steadily and without stopping in the last 21 years and said: “We worked with determination and put giant projects into service one by one. Our Ministry has its signature on many mega projects that raise the reputation of our country in the international arena. Each project we implement with the vision of our President; There was production, employment, prosperity and peace. Just as Yavuz Sultan Selim Han fit 8 years of service into 80 years, we also fit 21 years of work into 100 years. "We have implemented giant projects one after another, such as Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Osmangazi, 1915 Çanakkale Bridges, Izmir-Istanbul, Ankara-Niğde and Northern Marmara Motorways," he said. Stating that they pay special attention to the development of Izmir's transportation and communication infrastructure, Uraloğlu said that Izmir has been one of Turkey's most important gates to the western world from past to present.


Minister Uraloğlu stated that they increased the length of Izmir's divided road from 430 kilometers to 966 kilometers, and the length of the bituminous hot mixture coated road from 367 kilometers to 985 kilometers. By completing the Izmir Ring Road with a total length of 55,5 km in stages and opening the Konak tunnel, Izmir residents will have a comfortable ride in urban traffic. He stated that they have made breathing easier and that they have invested a total of 21 billion 122 million lira in the communication and infrastructure of Izmir in the last 355 years. Uraloğlu spoke as follows about the investments made in Izmir:

“By completing the Izmir-Istanbul Highway, we reduced the journey time from approximately 8,5 hours to 3,5 hours. We opened the Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Highway. The steel archaeological bridge we built within the scope of this highway project was the first and only application example in the world in terms of ensuring the protection of the road leading to the Ancient City of Neonteikhos and the historical monuments around it. We are proud that our Ministry has once again signed this breakthrough. We overcame Sabuncubeli, which was once a nightmare for drivers, by opening the Sabuncubeli Tunnel and reduced the transportation time between Izmir and Manisa to 15 minutes.”


Minister Uraloğlu gave information that the construction of the Izmir-Ankara YHT project, which will reduce the time between Ankara and Izmir to 3,5 hours and connect Izmir to the high-speed railway network, continues in stages, and regarding the date of completion of the project, he said: "We will hopefully complete and open our project in 2027. With the completion of the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​​​Train Project, in the first stage, there will be 8 daily reciprocal train services annually; "We aim to save approximately 1,1 billion lira from items such as time, energy and maintenance costs," he said. Minister Uraloğlu also announced that a significant part of the Aydın-Denizli section of the highway that will connect Izmir to the Mediterranean will be completed in the coming days, and the entirety of it will be completed in 2024.


Minister Uraloğlu reminded that İZBAN was implemented together with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and said, “İZBAN serves on a 136-kilometer route extending from Aliağa in the north to Selçuk in the south. With the addition of the 50 km Aliağa-Bergama section, it will increase to 186 km. By the way, let me state here that İZBAN is an exemplary project with the cooperation of local government and central government. It was also deemed worthy of an award by the International Association of Public Transport. As the AK Party Governments led by our President, we have focused on serving our citizens. "We continue our services without any discrimination," he said.