ALD Automotive I LeasePlan Will Grow Globally with Its New Brand Ayvens

ALD Automotive I LeasePlan Will Grow Globally with Its New Brand Ayvens
ALD Automotive I LeasePlan Will Grow Globally with Its New Brand Ayvens

📩 16/10/2023 11:09

ALD Automotive I LeasePlan today globally introduced its new global mobility brand, Ayvens, which brings together the two companies in a common brand identity. The introduction of the new brand, along with the announcement of the 2023-year strategic development plan in September 3, represents another milestone in the company's development.

The two companies bring together their complementary capabilities and expertise and see an opportunity to reimagine the future of mobility for the better.

The new brand fosters a common purpose that defines the company's unique position in the market, highlighting what differentiates it in the marketplace and the value it creates for customers across all segments. The promise of the new brand; It was determined as "improving the flow of life" to make mobility simpler, smarter and more sustainable.

Ayvens is positioned to be the leading player in global sustainable mobility.

The company, which has the world's largest multi-brand electric vehicle fleet among a total fleet of 3,4 million vehicles managed worldwide, aims to lead the way towards the Net Zero Emission target and further shape the digital transformation of the industry.

This unifying new brand, detailed below, creates a strong identity for two highly recognized players in the industry.

Ayvens; A name that is easy to remember, simple and powerful, signaling progress.

To this name; It is accompanied by a symbol that symbolizes progress and dynamism, with a strong, stable foundation and an upward-oriented form, representing two companies coming together as a single team and working towards a common goal.

Also this name; It also carries the reference of Societe Generale, which is the majority shareholder of the brand and is known worldwide, in its logo.

new graphic design

The new graphic design conveys the energy of the brand through its friendly and modern font, as well as its vibrant and unique colors, inspired by nature and designed to stand out in the market.

Its cheerful and dynamic iconography captures the essence of mobility by revealing the beautiful moments in daily life.

New brand slogan

The brand embraces the slogan "Better with every move" and carries the mission of providing an ever-advancing "better" mobility for customers, businesses and the world.