Who is Dilan Polat?

Who is Dilan Polat?

📩 28/10/2023 22:03

Dylan Polat, was born on July 21, 1990 and is originally from Adana. He was born as the middle child of the family. Unfortunately, his mother was lost by his father in 2003, and his father died due to a brain tumor. Polat survived this difficult process by telling about the incident he experienced in a moment of madness. His father, Rıfat Doğu, is a well-known businessman.

Dilan Polat started birth photography after completing her high school education in Istanbul. Polat, who worked in this field for many years, left this profession after she became pregnant. During her birth photography, she met many famous people and photographed their special moments. Later, she gained great popularity by opening the beauty center bearing her name.

Dylan Polat The Beauty Center operates as a polyclinic with branches in many provinces throughout Turkey. Many procedures such as skin care, eyelash lifting and epilation are performed in Polat center. In the field of aesthetics, non-surgical options are offered.

Dilan Polat, who often comes to the fore on social media with the surprises of her husband Engin Polat, married her high school sweetheart and has two children from this union, Nilda Polat and Milan Efe Polat. Engin Polat is the chairman of Dipomed Medikal company.

Dilan Polat, who often attracts attention with her houses, cars and sumptuous life, fascinates her followers by frequently sharing this ostentatious life. He has approximately 5,1 million followers on Instagram.

Additionally, in August 2023, he will start his music career with “enercii” and the single he published quickly attracted attention.

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