Routes World 2023, the Most Prestigious Organization of World Aviation, is in Istanbul

The Most Prestigious Organization of World Aviation, Routes World, is in Istanbul
The Most Prestigious Organization of World Aviation, Routes World, is in Istanbul

Routes World 2023, considered the most prestigious organization of world aviation; It will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 15-17 October 2023.

It is preparing to make new contributions to the aviation industry

Keyvan Aviation, which provides approved aviation and navigation database services worldwide and is the only Turkish company with the EASA LOA Type 1 Data Provider certificate, will open doors to new opportunities by developing collaborations at the event. COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., the main organization responsible for the Mainline Civil Aircraft Project in China. Ltd. Keyvan reached an agreement to provide better customer services, products and digital solutions to airlines and aircraft operators in China; He will also share the details of the agreement in question at the event. Keyvan Aviation, which first announced its agreement with GE Aerospace and then its collaboration with ASELSAN in October last year, developed business partnerships on various issues with local and national companies of our country such as TAI, AYJET and BITES for a year. Keyvan, which serves countries such as Poland, Germany and China as well as domestic companies, and is preparing for new collaborations on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is preparing to make new contributions on behalf of our country and the aviation industry.

“We will create new opportunities by coming together with global players”

Pointing out that the international event, which will be held for the first time in Turkey this year, is a great opportunity to strengthen their position in the global market, Keyvan Aviation CEO and Founder Mehmet Keyvan said, “With our vision of being a pioneer in sustainability, innovation and cooperation in the aviation industry, we take part as a Gold Sponsor.” We will meet with global players at Routes World 2023. This three-day event will provide a valuable platform to follow the latest developments in the industry, develop collaborations and share our future projects. It will also provide a unique environment to discover new business opportunities and meet with other leaders in the industry to share our experiences. As Keyvan, we will continue our work without slowing down to shape the aviation industry of the future and produce creative solutions.” said.

It plays an important role in the growth of the aviation industry

Routes events have been subjected to a tough competition between the world's leading airports and destinations since they were first organized in 1995; It provides a meeting center for airlines, airports and destinations to plan and negotiate future services. Routes World, which took place for the 27th time in America after the pandemic, will be an important meeting for the history of Turkish aviation and the promotion of Turkey and Istanbul in the international arena. . This important event, which will be held for the 2023th time in 28, is aimed to play an important role in the recovery process of the aviation industry. Routes World 2023 offers Istanbul the opportunity to provide a direct destination beyond being a global transfer hub.