Mercedes-Benz Continues to Be the Pioneer of Electricity

Mercedes Benz Continues to Be the Pioneer of Electricity
Mercedes Benz Continues to Be the Pioneer of Electricity

📩 03/10/2023 13:12

Mercedes-Benz won four prestigious Automotive INNOVATIONS Awards, including the 'Most Innovative Premium Brand' main award, with its innovative and pioneering work.

The concept of sustainability becomes more important day by day, which also increases the trend towards electric vehicles. As a result of the technological transformations experienced in recent years, the automotive industry is also affected by this transformation and is one of the sectors that directs this process. Mercedes-Benz aims to play a leading role in this field with its fully electric cars by setting a target of selling fully electric vehicles in all possible markets by 2030.

Within the scope of the "Ambition 2039" plan, Mercedes-Benz aims to be carbon neutral in all value chains, from development to supplier network, from production to electrification of products, to renewable energy sources by 2039. Mercedes-Benz EQ models stand out as an important part of the strategy.

4 awards at Automotive INNOVATIONS

Setting standards in terms of range, energy consumption and charging time, Mercedes-Benz won four prestigious Automotive INNOVATIONS Awards, including the 'Most Innovative Premium Brand' main award, as a result of the work it carried out in line with this strategy. Mercedes-Benz, which was also deemed worthy of the 'Most Innovative Premium Brand-Electric Mobility' and 'Most Innovative Premium Brand-Interface and Connectivity' awards, also came first in the 'Most Innovative Model' category with its EQE model.

It is very easy to access information with MBUX Hyperscreen

Each generation of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) to date has triggered a different revolution in cockpits. The second generation of the infotainment system, which had its world premiere in 2018, was launched in 2021 with MBUX Hyperscreen, the largest human-machine interface Mercedes-Benz has ever produced.

This screen, which is offered for the first time in Mercedes-Benz's EQS model and is a work of art in terms of technology, also adds value to the interior design of the vehicle. The operating system of the screen, which has artificial intelligence, is personalized according to the topics the user is interested in, creating a control and entertainment center. Other advantages of the new MBUX generation, operated from the central display, touch control buttons on the steering wheel or via the further developed speech and language learning assistant 'Hey Mercedes', include increased computing power, additional electro-specific functions and views and parking assist features displayed on the central display. taking.

MBUX starts planning the journey in advance with its artificial intelligence and automatically updates the route when you set off. The intelligent navigation system always takes into account the current power consumption, available charging stations and charging capacities, as well as the expected charging time when choosing the fastest route.

Vision EQXX 1.000 km on a single charge

Vision EQXX, developed by Mercedes-Benz as a result of innovative studies on range, can reach a range of 1.000 km on a single charge. This shows what kind of future Mercedes-Benz engineering is drawing for electric cars.

Following a consistent and holistic approach for fully electric mobility in the future with the “Ambition 2039” plan, Mercedes-Benz's aim is to offer a fleet of new cars and light commercial vehicles that are carbon neutral starting from 2039. Mercedes-Benz already offers a fully electric model in all segments where the brand is represented. Starting from 2025, all new cars will be fully electric.

Mercedes-Benz's first fully electric car in Turkey: EQC

EQC is an electric SUV defined as the first fully electric model offered for sale by Mercedes-Benz Turkey and the symbol of modern luxury. EQC's high-quality seat upholstery "Response", where resource-saving materials such as recycled plastic and renewable raw materials are used for the first time, consists of 100 percent recycled PET bottles. With the EQC 400 4MATIC, a range of 403 km is possible on a single charge.

All-electric sedan that redefines luxury: EQS

The most striking feature of EQS, which is offered for sale in Turkey in 2022 and has 450 different equipment as EQS 4 580MATIC, EQS 4 53MATIC and Mercedes-AMG EQS 4 3MATIC+, is that it is the first model with a luxury and upper-class electric car modular architecture. EQS, the mass production car with the world's most aerodynamic design and one of the quietest vehicles in the world thanks to its low wind drag, also offers pioneering innovations in technology and innovation. Focusing on the passenger as well as the driver by combining brand new features such as MBUX Hyperscreen, EQS can charge up to 31 percent in just 80 minutes at fast charging stations and offer a maximum range of 678 km with a full charge.

The large, curved Hyperscreen extends across the entire console, from the left A-pillar to the right A-pillar. The 12,3-inch OLED screen for the front passenger also provides personalization and control space for the passenger. The smart camera-based security system automatically darkens the screen if it detects that the driver is looking at the front passenger screen.

Produced in a carbon-neutral manner, the interior design of the EQS uses a variety of high-quality fabrics made from up to 100 percent recycled PET bottles, as well as microfibre, while floor coverings are produced from nylon threads obtained from recycled carpets and fishing nets.

The range of the sporty upper class sedan EQE can reach 574 km

The main characteristic feature of the EQE, which uses the highest quality workmanship and materials and is offered for sale as the 350 4MATIC AMG and Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+, is its One-Bow design, which follows a single line from rear to front, creating a Coupé-like silhouette. EQE, which is the largest in its class with its internal volume, was awarded a certificate by the Austrian Research and Testing Institute for properly filtering viruses and bacteria with the cabin air filter of its advanced ventilation system. EQE, which can be charged in just 32 minutes from fast charging stations, has a range of up to 574 km.

High level of safety in urban use with EQA

EQA, which is offered for sale in Turkey with two different trims as 250+ and 350 4MATIC, constitutes the entry level to the fully electric world with its electric design aesthetic that reflects Mercedes-Benz's progressive approach. EQA's equipment supports the driver in many aspects, including smart assistants such as accident avoidance, predictive and efficient working strategy, electric intelligence and navigation. Also offered as standard, Active Brake Assist aims to prevent a collision or mitigate its consequences through autonomous braking. It can also brake for vehicles stopped in urban traffic and pedestrians crossing the road. Functions offered by the Driving Assistance Package, such as turning manoeuvre, exit warning that warns the driver of approaching cyclists or vehicles, and warning when pedestrians are detected near pedestrian crossings, provide a high level of safety for both the driver and other vehicles and pedestrians in traffic. EQA, which has an AC charging capacity of 11 kW and a battery capacity of 66,5 kWh, can offer an electric range of up to 506 km when fully charged.

Transportation for the whole family with the Mercedes EQB, the first 7-seat, fully electric compact SUV

Ideal for families of all sizes, the seven-seat EQB occupies a special position among compact electric cars by offering a suitable solution for all kinds of transportation needs of families with its 250+ and 350 4MATIC equipment. The two seats in the third row, which can also be fitted with child car seats, can be used easily by passengers up to 1,65 meters tall, making transportation easier for large families. EQB, the second fully electric compact car of the Mercedes-Benz EQ product range, has the features of a mid-size station vehicle with its trunk offering a large volume of up to 1.710 liters. With ECO Assist, EQB warns the driver with a message to take his foot off the accelerator in situations such as when he is about to reach the speed limit, coasting or special energy recovery control, and uses information from navigation data and smart safety assistants. EQB offers a fully electric range of up to 11 km with its 66,5 kW AC charging capacity and 481 kWh battery capacity.

The new definition of SUV luxury: EQS SUV

The EQS SUV, which will also be available for sale in Turkey, will be the third model series with an architecture developed for electric vehicles. EQS 450+ provides high-level comfort and connectivity to its passengers with a range of up to 568 kilometers by transmitting 660 nm torque with its powerful electric motor and rear-wheel drive system. EQS 450+ offers a range of up to 15 kilometers after a 250-minute charge. In addition, the EQS SUV offers high-level performance on slightly rugged terrains with its 450 nm and 4 nm torque, respectively, in addition to the 580 × 4 traction system and smart OFFROAD driving mode offered in 4 4MATIC and 800 858MATIC options. The EQS SUV also draws attention with its large interior volume. With its luxurious interior design, it offers comfortable space for up to 7 passengers. MBUX Hyperscreen seamlessly combines multiple displays with special hardware, creating an impressive 141 centimeter wide display area. With the EQS SUV, a big step is taken towards zero-emission mobility. Produced in a completely carbon neutral manner, the EQS SUV offers real solutions for resource conservation and circular economy.