'Lausanne' Play Goes on Tour in Honor of its 100th Anniversary

'Lausanne' Play Goes on Tour in Honor of the Year
'Lausanne' Play Goes on Tour in Honor of the Year

📩 02/10/2023 11:05

The play "Lausanne", staged by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Sahne Tozu Theater in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, is going on a tour in Eskişehir, Istanbul and Ankara.

The play "Lausanne", presented to Turkey by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is going on tour. The play, written by Ataol Behramoğlu, dramatized and directed by Haluk Işık, with music by Timur Selçuk, has met with the audience 24 times since July 7, including the Tire and Ödemiş tours. The play will be staged in Eskişehir, Istanbul and Ankara in the coming days.

Lausanne will meet art lovers in Eskişehir on October 9, in Istanbul on October 10, and in Ankara on October 11.

The only work of art staged for the 100th anniversary of Lausanne

The two-part musical play, which tells a process from the last days of the Ottoman Empire to the signing of Lausanne and its aftermath, in the light of historical documents and with human stories, is the first and only artistic work staged in our country on the 2th anniversary of Lausanne.

The assistant director of the play is Gizem Yerik, the assistant director is Banu Kezel, the decor-costume design is Cemile Alcalık, the lighting design is Abdullah Uyan, the visual design is İmran Aydın Tali, the movement-dance design is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Theater Coordinator Elif Moroğlu, the music director is Nesrin Bacak, the musical infrastructure is Türker. Barmanbek was the stage manager and Aslı Cindaruk was the stage manager.

Kader Aytekin, İlke Can, Aslı Cindaruk, Ozan Servet Çetinkaya, Utku Erişik, Deniz Can Iğdır, Banu Kezel, Ayşe Kör, Emrah Kurtoğlu, Burak Özbaykuş, Mahir Taşpulat, Cavit Şahin Tatlıcıoğlu, İbrahim Mert Varcin are starring in Lausanne.

A gift from Izmir to Turkey

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, “We are honored to present such a play to our city and country on the 100th anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, which is the title deed of our Republic and the international acceptance of our freedom and independence. This would suit Izmir with all the values ​​it carries, and we are happy to do what is necessary. Now we carry this joy to Eskişehir, Istanbul and Ankara. "I would like to thank our metropolitan cities and their esteemed mayors for inviting and hosting us, I offer my love, respect and greetings on behalf of the people of Izmir, and I invite their valuable citizens to our game," he said.